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So here it is 100 years after Booker T. Washington's death. Here I am finally reading this classic wondering what took me so long to get around to reading it. I'm also wondering what is taking America so long to get over it's racial prejudices. Our bigotry and cruelty seems to come in waves in this country and right now is not one of our better times for some reason.

Booker was wrong about some things. He was wrong about the KKK being gone for good. He was wrong about his belief in steady progress of race relations. He was also wrong about hard work always being rewarded. But that's easy for me to see now.

He was right about his faith in the goodness of individual people, people who worked (with an ethic that shames us today), who studied, who served, who taught, who gave six eggs towards the building fund. People who gave money, and people who broke down barriers, thanks to bridge builders like Mr. Washington.

This is an easy reading fairly quick book that was for me compelling and unforgettable. Mr. Washington no doubt anticipated more white people than blacks reading this book (at least initially), for the simple fact that more whites than blacks could read, and afford a book. As a college president (and founder) and by default a racial ambassador, he also nobly and deftly kept the book positive and heaped plenty of praise onto many. I don't believe he saw the world through rose colored glasses. Plenty of others would criticize our greed, injustice and prejudice. And criticize him too. Booker looked up. Thanks to him a lot more of us can too.
Steel balls
I was going to give this book 4 stars on account of the words are small. However the content is so BIG that I had to give it 5 stars! The man walked 500 miles to get to school and devoted his life to that of service. It just goes to show that we can truly overcome whatever obstacles are in our way if we have the endurance to walk to 500 miles. (figuratively in 2017) Let his story be an inspiration to us all. He worked to bridge the gap and not blame anyone or anything for his place in life. He rose above and we should all be inspired to do the same!
This was quite a look into the past. It was not a book that I could read straight through. Many times I had to walk away from it and process the challenges and troubles Booker and those around him went through and ask myself how would I have responded? I would recommend it a read for todays culture to go through. It would change many people's out look on life and make them realize just how many opportunities we have each day that others lived their whole lives and never got any like opportunity we take for granted.
Rich Vulture
I loved it from beginning to end! The passion, the devotion, the hardship the daunting of a dream that at times seemed impossible to be fulfilled. It's an incredible art of the up-most sincerity that at the time was needed for the southern people. I loved the sincerity of Mr. Washington's sincerity of his eloquence in speech that were hand-in-hand with powerful actions. The hardship of constant embarrassment of asking for economic help from door to door, the tenacity he endured to not give up and fight with honesty , with respect and dignity of living up to other people's money he did not see as begging but more inclined as an investment to his Tuskegee dream of education and how worthwhile this money he requested he indeed put it to work with the utmost respect and honor ability . I have no dislikes in the way this man conveyed his story on how Up From Slavery he was able to pull himself up along with his own people from poverty to usefulness of a race the whites saw as useless and incompetent. I'm very proud of what this man, Mr. Booker T. Washington has done for himself and of his brethren. By reading his book sounds very much biblical as to how JESUS Christ preached in unselfish ways that to treat one another as oneself as Mr. Washington did up to the end of his life. I chose this rating because the rating should be infinite. I recommend this book to the entire world that's in so much chaos. I recommend it to people who want to change. I recommend to ignorant people to see that this book made a difference to one man and passed along his wisdom to all those who wanted the same as his : knowledge to help one another for the same cause in such equilibrium and equality politics should read, teachers, parents, priests, children, educators, businessman, non-for-profit organization ALL THE WORLD because the way the world is moving we need to look at the past by enriching our minds with literature like this one to fulfill ones appetite of social justice, compassion and humility . All this selfishness , the law of "eye for an eye" needs to stop now with readings as this one, Up From Slavery education is a life long learning school . This literature has endeared my heart and enriched my soul that people like Mr. Booker T. Washington has dedicated his whole life for the passion of education and helping his race Up From Slavery that no one is exempt from lack of knowledge if not practiced enough with tolerance and patience that he proved worthy of when he put ALL his faith in all the supporters who helped him do "..all the work no one else wanted to do" I HIGHLY recommend this book to the immigrants ! Personally: I RECOMMEND HIGHLY!
An eye opener about a self taught man who grew up from slavery to become one of the most important Black men in the 20th Century. He founded the famous Tuskegee University. Everyone, both black and white needs to read about this incredible man. He is, in my view, even more important to the Civil Rights movement than Martin Luther King. Mr. Washington's works teaches all of us much about respect for all Americans of every color. If it were up to me, Booker T. Washington's birthday would be celebrated as a national holiday. Sadly because he was born a slave no one really knows that very special date when God chose to give us this incredibly important man to the world.

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Up From Slavery - Booker Washington
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