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The Philosophy of Money by David Frisby,Georg Simmel

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'I have lost interest ... in all that I have written prior to The Philosophy of Money. This one is really my book, the others appear to me colourless and seem as if they could have been written by anyone else.' - Georg Simmel to Heinrich Rickert (1904)In The Philosophy of Money, Simmel provides us with a remarkably wide-ranging discussion of the social, psychological and philosophical aspects of the money economy, full of brilliant insights into the forms that social relationships take. He analyzes the relationships of money to exchange, the human personality, the position of women, individual freedom and many other areas of human existence. Later he provides us with an account of the consequences of the modern money economy and the division of labour, which examines the processes of alienation and reification in work, urban life and elsewhere. Perhaps, more than any of his other sociological works, The Philosophy of Money gives us an example of his comprehensive analysis of the interrelationships between the most diverse and seemingly connected social phenomena.This revised edition of the translation by Tom Bottomore and David Frisby, includes a new Preface by David Frisby.

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I'm not finished yet but I have found it to be very readable, without flaunting the authors vocabulary and pertinent to today's problems (Oligarchy) running rampant across the world and the failure of Democracy to reign it in. Philosophy in the title suggests a treatise on truth that spans generations and societies.
A difficult read but worthwhile.
5 stars
This is a classic!
Simmel's famous Philosophy of Money is, for a large and purely philosophical work, a respectable achievement.

The first part develops money as a symbol of depersonalization and relativity, whereby men and things are reduced to the same level of relative "things." It further shows the decrease of substantial meaning in money and the increase of pure function, and points out the limits of pure functionalism. The same idea under a different angle shows how the means-to-an-end character of money is gradually replaced by its becoming a (seeming) end in itself. The second part shows the social and cultural changes that take place with the evolution of the idea of money and are linked up with the progress of a scientific rationalism; the tension between personal and aristocratic and hierarchic forms of life and the democratic individualistic relativistic and standard-less forms of a society where money has replaced all other values. Mammonism as a religion and a style of life is described.

The book is one of the fundamental works concerning the philosophy of our civilization. No one who wants to understand what has happened to us can afford to miss acquaintance with its ideas. And besides the great and basic outlines the reader will find an inexhaustible wealth of fine and striking psychological observations.
I was privileged to read this just after it was translated and found it to be even more insight-filled than the other Simmel i had found and loved. His style of laying out like rails concept after concept and not needing to tell stories fits my way of thinking... Jesus taught the crowds and his antagonists with parables; he taught the Twelve by giving them the abstract principles underlying...if you learn in that manner, Simmel is a treat, and i may be biased, but Simmel to me is just so much more right, so much closer to explaining what we have seen in the last hundred years than Marx... I would lay this book down next to Adam Smith for a more enlightening experience...

If you ever have wondered how money is the distillate of all that can be acquired or produced which can truly be called "human", this is the best book i know that explains that relationship.
Yet another piece of outrageous profiteering by Routledge in the republication of old texts. Deliciously ironic, really, given the book's content.

I advise people not to buy this book but instead, to write to Routledge and exhort them to revise their pricing policy.

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The Philosophy of Money
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Author: David Frisby,Georg Simmel
Title: The Philosophy of Money