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This Time I Dance!: Trusting the Journey of Creating the Work You Love by Tama Kieves

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A Harvard-educated former lawyer recounts her decision to leave her successful corporate job to follow her heart and invites readers to do the same, sharing insights and tips from her career coaching workshops. Reprint.

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Tama Kieves had it made. A Harvard Law School graduate, she had achieved what most people would consider "success" - a well paying position with a large firm. But something inside told her there was more to life than filing legal briefs and earning a big pay check.

In "This Time I Dance!: Creating the Work You Love" Kieves tells her own story of leaving the corporate world to pursue a writing and coaching career. "No salary ever pays enough for us to leave our truth behind," she writes. "Only a life of self-honor feels safe and sure. Everything else leaves us empty, hungry, and haunted for more."

In telling her story with candor and wit, Kieves inspires us to follow our own callings, too. She encountered plenty of naysayers along the way, including her family, questioning why she would leave a secure job for a writing future that was anything but guaranteed. Perhaps you are considering a career change but wonder if you can support yourself in following your passion? "Decide to live your dreams before you can foresee the means," Kieves counsels.

I liked how the book was a mix of biography and motivation. Kieves relates one story of meeting a senior partner from her old law firm in a chance encounter at a bank. Kieves' casual outfit that day matched her new artistic bent - complete with a striped feather tucked into a black hat. "You look great, just like Annie Hall," her old boss told her. Kieves was mortified. She later realized her former boss was well meaning in his comment, it was she that was condemning herself for "playing dress up." Kieves follows this story with a lesson: "we will face these kinds of tests in our transition ... trying on new lives feels like playing make-believe. But as we act out our new roles, we will make belief. We become solid with experience and poised and affirmed."

Reading "This Time I Dance" encouraged me to pursue my own dreams. I have had this book idea in my head for the past year. I happened to meet Kieves and told her of my vision. "I so hope you write your book ... it's your dance," she wrote when I asked her for an autograph. Though I didn't win a publishing contract in my first attempt, Kieves' words motivated me to keep at it - to self publish. I recommend reading "This Time I Dance" if you, too, are looking to express yourself in new and exciting ways.
This is an amazing book. It’s taken me forever to read because I find myself pausing every couple pages to reflect on points that resonate. I would say I consume this book like a fine wine, slowly, savoring every moment. There’s so many good nuggets that I find myself highlighting passages that help to free my mind or see a new perspective. I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a change in their career and are fearful to do so. Tama, the author, is like a tour guide in your journey. Her experiences will touch the soul of many wanting to take a leap of faith but are afraid and hesitant to do so. Wonderful writing style. Thank you Tama for sharing your journey. You have an amazing gift for writing. Lucky us!
Tama's book is an incredible inspiration of courage, hope, and pursuit of one's dreams. Each chapter enriched my experience of stepping into the pursuit of my own personal dream. She write's with such amazing authenticity that it calls me to be fully present for my own. She addressed each pitfall I encountered with such grace and compliment that I couldn't help but continue to move forward on my path to success. Thank you Tama for your courage, your tenacity, and your ability to connect with your readers with warmth, honesty, and sincerity. A must read for anyone pursuing a creative path.

Tama's work is inspiring and uplifting. It helps one realize that stepping into your dreams is a process that requires a lot of courage and patience. Her guidance on the page forges a path for cutting through the fear and creating the work you love. She has written in such conversational style that it felt like she was talking directly to me. Her encouragement makes you feel like anything is possible, and dispels any doubt or uncertainty. I found her story refreshing and eye opening.
This was a great read. I thoroughly enjoyed the inspiration, the anguish, the faith, the trust, and finally, the dance.

I just quit my job (but before reading this book). At age 60 I realized I couldn't finish out my working life doing something that I didn't enjoy. The tough part was that my job was good, the company solid, the money and benefits excellent, the people great to work with. Conditions that were similar to what the author described in her own journey. I just couldn't continue to do it; I wanted something else, and the "golden handcuffs" were hard to let go. I had to make the leap, even though it's absolutely terrifying. But, hey, I used to jump out of airplanes, so I figured I could tackle this for my own sanity and well being.

I found great inspiration and comfort in this book. As a couple of others have noted, if you're looking for hard "how-to," or step-by-step ideas and instruction, this isn't the book. If you're looking for something that helps your spirit to recognize itself, and encouragement to help you pursue your dreams, this may be it.
The first of the five stars I've given this is for Tama personally for not giving up her dream so that we are able to see it too. The second star is not so much for her courage in this pursuit, but for her courage in revealing intimate defeatist self talk she encountered and learned was the primary anchor in keeping her from flight. The third star is for her writing. Tama is a master at creating metaphors to hit your nail on the head and knock some sense into it. The fourth star is for the honesty. Tama has been personally and painfully revealing in her struggles to follow her passion and in doing so has made a very realistic picture of the path to living your dream work. And finally, the fifth star is for the book in total. I'm a sucker for these magical success stories and this is one of those with all the characters of a novel except the villian and hero are both Tama. We know who wins the battle and lives on to write the epic "Inspired and Unstoppable" but that doesn't spoil the story, it only makes it better.

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This Time I Dance!: Trusting the Journey of Creating the Work You Love
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Author: Tama Kieves
Title: This Time I Dance!: Trusting the Journey of Creating the Work You Love