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State-of-the-art guide to marketing strategies and tactics. Kotler has combined the expertise of his textbooks and world renowned seminars into this practical all-in-one book, covering all area from assessing customers' needs and wants to build brand equity to creating loyal and long-term customers.

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Longitude Temporary
Phil Kotler's neurons have cataloged and cross-indexed a vast library of marketing theory. Kotler on Marketing is a central compendium of big marketing ideas in my opinion. It is dense and at sometimes overwhelming, but the mental workout is well worth the effort. It's hard to know where to begin, even though this book is only 220 pages long. So in brief, here are some of my salient gleanings:

- One can market products, people, places, ideas, experiences and organizations.
- The central purpose of marketing is demand management through exchanges, relationships and networks.
- You can dominate markets through higher quality, better service, lower prices, higher market share, customization, product innovation, and exceeding customer expectations. It also pays to enter high-growth markets.
- Peter Drucker said, "the aim of marketing is to make selling superfluous." (This explains the conflict between marketing and sales that I see so often.)
- There are three levels of marketing: 1) Responsive Marketing; 2) Anticipative Marketing; 3) Need-Shaping Marketing (i.e., "I don't serve markets. I create them." - Akio Morita, Sony).
- Marketing management includes research, segmentation and targeting, positioning, branding, balancing the marketing mix of the 4 Ps, implementing, and controlling. (Implementation is the big challenge.)
- You can segment markets by demographic, benefit, occasion, usage level, and lifestyle.
- Marketing audits include a survey of demographics, the economy, the environment, technology, political changes, and cultural forces.
- Pay close attention to managing relationships with employees, distributors, suppliers, marketing agencies, logistics agencies, the press, and the community at large.
- Recruiting, selecting, hiring, training, motivating, compensating and evaluating salespeople is the task of Directors of Sales and Marketing.
- Focus on getting customers, keeping customers, and growing customers.
- Work to increase margin, market share and customer satisfaction.

These snowflakes are just the tip of the iceberg. Remember that this book presents theory; not practice, so don't expect a cookbook. Additionally, Kotler's work does not provide solid counsel for the Internet and the disruptive innovation it is bringing. Still in all, if you are a marketer, Kotler on Marketing is a must have. It will get your wheels spinning and help organize your thoughts.

Marketing Strategy
Managing changing needs and desires! Kotler summarizes this field which is wide and becoming wider. In cogent, succint style, this book takes the marketing executive, student or executive who has to deal with marketers through where the field has been, where it is today and where it is heading.'
This is well done. Examples from real world are included (not much hypothetical, classroom or research stuff included) with great questions to ask yourself at the end of each chapter to probe deeper into the topic. Additional references are provided for those who wish to utitlize the concept further.
I find Kotler very easy to read and follow. The approach here presented is right on! There is a warehouse of great lines that can propel one's marketing, e.g. "If companies focus only on their costs, they will never grow to greatness. Without a top line, there will be no bottom line." or "The way to beat your competitors is to attack yourself first." "Finally, customers don't want promotion; they want two-way communication."
This is a gem of a book to mine for info or to put into practice. Likely those not familiar at all with the field will gain much from reading, while those engaged will find this work extremely practical, productive, clarifying and motivating. Not only does he point out trends and weaknesses and opportunities, but in most cases, provides real practitioners and examples, plus optional opportunities.
This was the textbook for a marketing class I took in Spring 2015. With the cost of textbooks these days, 5 stars to the professor for not using a $250 textbook! The book itself is a very quick and easy read, though quite outdated. Not a lot on 21st century social media, email, or internet marketing, but overall the fundamental 20th century concepts are timeless and priceless... especially for only $10! Not a book for advanced marketing students or professionals, but if you want a crash course on the basics, this will do it.
A great book for manager and CEOs who want to start a business campaign. It is a great book that chanfes your perspective about marketing. It will be better if it had more graphics to explain the book as an entire method.
Ditto all the praise included before. I'm using the book this summer (2000) as a one week read in my marketing communication management capstone seminar here at FSU. I should add that when I first discovered the book I found it useful as a refresher to hone my own marketing acumen. Despite keeping active in the real world via consulting, it's nice to sit back and reflect on the basics. I recommend it for veterans who need a quick refocus. As my students say, "Kotler is the bomb!"
'Kotler on Marketing' provides a concise overview on modern marketing principles. Despite the condensed nature of its content, many illustrative examples are included throughout the book. It serves well as a great 'appetizer' for readers who are interested in marketing.
Great book with a lot of good information...love it.

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Kotler on Marketing
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