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Brookfield Days (A Little House Chapter Book; Caroline #1) by Doris Ettlinger,Maria D Wilkes

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It's 1845, and Caroline Quiner lives in a little frame house in the frontier town of Brookfield, Wisconsin. Each day brings new adventures for Caroline as she helps Mother, Grandma, and her five brothers and sisters run the family farm.

The Caroline Chapter Books are gentle adaptations of the Caroline Years novels. They, introduce beginning readers to Caroline Quiner, the little girl who would grow up to be Laura Ingalls Wilder's mother.

The Caroline Chapter Books are part of an ongoing series of Little House Chapter Books.

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This is a nice beginning chapter book for merging readers. It is almost word for word of the bigger Book 1 of Little House Caroline Years. Except those have more chapters and more things going on. But this chapter book is perfect as you don't loose any of the getting to know the charactors or what they are enduring. I really love these books and am so glad these were made 'cause now you don't have to wait until your child is old enough to be able to pay attention to the longer more complex chapter books
I just read this book with my 7 year old and liked it very much. As a beginning reader she is not ready for the longer versions of the Little House books. I read her Little House in the Big Woods and she had a harder time keeping up because of the longer length and more complicated story line. She loved Caroline though and wants to read more of them. Soon she will be able to read them herself and they will be the perfect length. In a couple of years she will be ready for the full-length Little House series, but for now this is perfect.
I don't want to be mean here, but I have to speak my thoughts. This book "Brookfield Days" is only a much lesser shadow of the book "Little House in Brookfield." I'd rather get my money's worth and buy the whole book of "Little House in Brookfield", then waste it on a book that only has a few chapters and not only that, abridges them into short versions. I suppose they made this one for younger readers, but I'd rather let the child read the whole book then a shorter copy, its much more exciting. I think this one was dispointing, and pointless.

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Brookfield Days (A Little House Chapter Book; Caroline #1)
Children's Books
Author: Doris Ettlinger,Maria D Wilkes
Title: Brookfield Days (A Little House Chapter Book; Caroline #1)