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Dance to Still Music by Barbara Corcoran

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Book by Corcoran, Barbara

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Excellent story. I read many years ago and am happy to own now.
What a total disaster. I was so disappointed after really enjoying another book by this author that I thought was one of the best I'd ever read. Wolf at the door was so darn good. Then this account of a girl who becomes deaf is so ridiculous I found myself checking and double checking the author, waiting for the punchline, waiting for the twist at the end ....nada.

The girls mother lets her stay out of school at the end of 8th grade through her 9th grade year because she's deaf now. That's it, she's deaf, doesn't have to attend school. Her mother leaves her home alone in a new town, without food because her mother is so child like she can't make good decisions. Ok, I'm sure some women fit the mold but why....one of the reasons I like her other book is the authentic, not perfect but very real and very loving mother in the other book. The protagonist is fearful and angry that she might have to go to a "handicapped school"....a very silly description of a School for the Deaf, where kids who were born deaf or became deaf usually thrive and enjoy life, with a wide range of activities. She dropped sign language because learning it in her bedroom with a hearing friend and a book was too complicated. She runs away because her mother is getting married....leaves a short note: something like "sorry, have a great life, don't worry about me"....and just leaves. She ends up the same day somewhere.....you don't know where, with a stranger, a women with whom she forms a bond. The stranger doesn't ask her why she isn't in school, where her parents are, what happened....just takes care of her for a week. Parts of that were well written but the whole premise was strange. The police asked about her but then backed off because they knew the woman personally. Only at the end does her mom show up and she is adamant that she won't go to the "handicapped school" and her moms new husband has paid a fortune for this "private school"....which is totally off the mark. State schools (the one in St. Augustine) are and have always been free. She never even visited. Instead she plans to live with the old woman for the rest of high school and attend a college session on deafness in lieu of high school and clean for a living because "deaf people can pick fruit and clean" without having to talk. Whaaaaa??????

Ok.....I get it was 1974 but seriously. Do your homework before you write something you know nothing about!!!! Don't just make stuff up!

Nell Fleming
A moving, hauntingly beautiful story with a great sense of place and a unique heroine.

ISBN: 0689704402

Rating: 4.1/5

Votes: 192

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ISBN13: 978-0689704406

Publisher: Atheneum (March 1, 1977)

Language: English

Dance to Still Music
Children's Books
Author: Barbara Corcoran
Title: Dance to Still Music