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It's a fact...babies love to look at other babies and this big, stylish book is brimming over with the most expressive baby faces ever. With bright, eye-catching photos by a master phtographer, Wow! Babies is a collection of dozens of faces that Mom, Dad, and Baby will simply drool over! Each spread explores a different mood, emotion or important time in a baby's very busy day.  Babies' faces will light up as they recognize other babies laughing, crying, cooing, and playing. Penny Gentieu's spectacularly vivid photographs, combined with delicious pastel nursery colors make this an ideal gift for any family with a new baby--or one on the way. Here's looking at you, kid!  

Reviews (7)
My kids are in the book. LOVE IT.
The "book" was reviewed on a morning news show as helpful for new mothers to understand their new babies moods and expressions. It was a very thin "book" with pictures of babies. Was much less than expected.
My children have ALL grown up with this book! We had to order a copy again, because the first two we had were torn up from lots of LOVE!
My daughter LOVED this book. I mean LOVED. If your child likes baby faces in books they will delight at this one. Ours is literally tattered from all the love.
My baby, now 8 months old, loves this book as well as "Baby! Talk!" and "Grow! Babies!" (also by same author/photographer). We first found it at our local library when she was about 4 months old, but I finally had to order it when we ran out of renewals. I love that the babies are so engaging, of different ethnicities, and show different moods. I also enjoy the straight-forward text that doesn't rhyme and won't make you feel stupid to read out loud.
My son received this book as a gift when he was about 5 mo old. Now, almost a year later, he still loves it! He is absolutely mesmerized by all of these babies. The only page that he doesn't seem to like is the "Cry Babies" page, which, of course, shows babies crying. He quickly moves on to the next page. All in all, this book is a home run! Expect to read it over and over and over again.
I bought this bok for my son before he was even born and now that he is 17 months old he is totally fascinated by this book. He loves to look at the pictures of the babies. The book consists of maybe 10 sentences which is wonderful for children(my son especially) who have short atention splans when it comes to reading. He looks at this book while I change his diaper, while he eats his super, and throught out the day. When he wants me to read it to him, he brings it to me and says" Mommy, wowie babies!"
I bought this book for my son when he was just about a year old, and he loved it. He at first liked looking at the faces, and laughed when we would describe the different scenarios on each page. He enjoyed this book for a very long time and it is so worn out I am getting a new one for his little sister.

ISBN: 0517709635

Rating: 4.7/5

Votes: 716

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ISBN13: 978-0517709634

Publisher: Knopf Books for Young Readers (August 26, 1997)

Language: English

Subcategory: Growing Up & Facts of Life

Wow! Babies!
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Author: Penny Gentieu
Title: Wow! Babies!