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Simple First Words Let's Say Our Animals by Roger Priddy

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Ideal for babies and toddlers

Tough, sturdy construction

Push-button sound bar with ten words or numbers to hear and say

Teaches basic vocabulary and counting skills

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My 15 month old loves these books. I have to keep them out of her reach so she won't ruin them, but when I can supervise her or read with her she never wants to stop playing with them. The Number book has suffered at her hands; she damaged the binding between the last page and the hard back which holds the buttons, this happens to be the only part of the book which is not heavily constructed as we know board books to be. I have taped it back together and will just have to keep a better eye on her when I give her the books. We have bought Let's say our Alphabet, Colors, Animals, and Numbers and she loves them all. We got her the Number book when she was about 8 months old, just before her language ability took off like a rocket, and before I knew what happened my husband was telling me that she said,"8." It was one of her first words! Thanks to Let's say our Numbers. She has been working on her ABC's so I had to get her a book to reinforce her learning. After breakfast is a good time to sit and let her play with her books, I can read my magazines or books, and she can play with her books. She can't grasp all of the sounds yet but when she tries something new it is super exciting. She will also go through the books looking at the pictures saying, "What's that!", "What's that!" with every turn of the page and it gives me more chances to say the words she is supposed to be learning, it is awesome fun to she her mind in action! I am hoping she will be able to sing the whole ABC Song by the time she is two and she is on the right track thanks to awesome books like the Let's Say Our...series. She has not yet said any animals, or colors but she loves the pictures and I expect she will be trying some of those new words very soon.
As a book its not bad.

But what I realized after accumulating a stack of books is that kids want to play.
They are more into socializing than staring into books and I-Pads.
Kids have energy which they need to let out , investing in a good game (doesn't have to be age specific) can be more beneficial to your child than a stupid book.

Feed them right , treat them well , love them and keep your fingers crossed
This is a very simple book, which was what I was looking for. The picture on each button matches the picture on the corresponding animal's page. The picture on the page is bigger and shows a little more. The button clearly says the name of the animal. The buttons are also very easy to press. The last page of the book shows all 10 animals.
My little one loves animal sounds. When I bought this book, I was unnder the impression that this book made animal sounds, instead it's just a ladies voice telling you the actual name of the animal. It's still a good book. I would of gave this book a 5 star, if the animals were actually making animal sounds. I like this series of books for colors and numbers. They are decent board books and a nice size too.
Excellent for young childfren, grandson only 15 months found it a great teaching tool until we can amange to take him to see actual zoo animals. The ability to visualize and playthe associated word to the animals very helpful.
Great product for a young learner! I recommend highly. We bought four different ones. He reads them so much. Thanks
Perfect child's learning experience matching pictures and sounds.
Very entertaining for infants & toddlers. Well made & Good value!
I would recommend it to anyone. These are not easily found in a bookstore.

ISBN: 0312506449

Rating: 4.9/5

Votes: 122

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ISBN13: 978-0312506445

Publisher: Priddy Books; Brdbk edition (July 7, 2009)

Language: English

Subcategory: Early Learning

Simple First Words Let's Say Our Animals
Children's Books
Author: Roger Priddy
Title: Simple First Words Let's Say Our Animals