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Henry and the Paper Route by Louis Darling,Beverly Cleary

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The boy in the story wants to be a paperboy, but he is told he's too young. He ingratiates himself with the other paperboys and helps them fold papers. One boy asks him to fill in one day and he is eager to do the job. His school has a paper drive going on and he gets the idea to put a brief advertisement in the rolled up papers. This works great and he has a huge job collecting all the papers and magazines his neighborhood has for him. But he sticks with it and gets the job done.
Throughout the story he takes on jobs which test his ability to complete. But he doesn't give up and works to find more efficient ways of accomplishing it. Pretty admirable kid with guts and determination. A well told story. My 8 year old liked it even tho it isn't high adventure or danger or anything exotic. It's just a nice kid living his life and I imagine he will grow into a successful man.
My 8 yo son was sad that this was the last book about Henry Huggins. He throughly enjoyed each one of the books about Henry's adventures. All the Henry Huggins books are wonderful for boys to read they really grasp their attention and keep it. When I asked my son what book he wanted to read next he said he wanted to read the Henry Huggins books over again. I would highly recommend this book as well as the others in the Henry Huggins series and don't forget Ribsy's book too.
Maybe too wordy and slow moving with old behaviors which are foreign to modern city children. A paper route requires a van to our children.
Happy with this book. Thanks
Enjoyable, challenging reading for my nine year old granddaughter.
My son who is 6 is hooked on these books both to try and learn to read but also to have us read to him. The books are probably too advanced for 1st grade but closer to 2nd / 3rd grade. He enjoys the story lines and is getting more engaged in the series.
Gold as Heart
Any of the Henry Huggins books are fun and great for kids (boy or girl). They're older but the fun in them is still applicable. We like to read them aloud at bedtime, and as a read aloud, the chapters can be a little long, but they're so fun that it's worth it.
I am in the fourth grade. I really like this book because it is so funny. I would recommend this to all 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders.

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Publisher: Fitzgerald Books (January 1, 2007)

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Henry and the Paper Route
Children's Books
Author: Louis Darling,Beverly Cleary
Title: Henry and the Paper Route