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Memories of Summer (Readers Circle) by Ruth White

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Newbery Honor Winner Ruth White gives readers an unforgettable story of one girl’s experience growing up with a sister that develops schizophrenia. It’s 1955 when 13-year-old Lyric moves with her father and older sister, Summer, from a small Virginia town to the big industrial city of Flint, Michigan. Summer has always been a little odd, but shortly after the move, things take a turn for the worse when she starts talking to imaginary people and having frightening episodes of paranoia. When she slips out of reality and into the depths of schizophrenia, the devoted Lyric can no longer reach her.Lyric loves her sister but is torn between taking constant care of Summer and enjoying her own youth. Soon a decision will have to be made that will affect their lives forever.

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Very good story
In Memories Of Summer,by Ruth White,a young girl called Lyric,loves her older sister Summer,even though Summer has a mental illness. All their life Summer, Lyric, and their father have lived a happy and peaceful life in the hills of Vigina, where Summer has always been a little odd. When they move to Michagan in search of a job, they face hard times. Also,Summer's strangeness turns into a mental illnesss. Summer Lyric,and their dad prove that love and faith will get them through anything.In my opinion, I admire Lyric.She loved Summer even when the illness took over and she was hard to love.She was a brave little girl who had to stand up to the entire school, and defend her sister.Every day before their father got home from work at 11:00 at night,Lyric took care of Summer. Their dad was a kind-hearted man also. He loved Summer just as much as Lyric did, and he protected both his daughters. If you are a middle schooler who loves great stories about people your age, I recommened this book for you. It is wonderfully writtenand and a great book.
Memories of Summer is about two girls named Lyric and Summer.
The sisters' mom died about a year after Lyric was born. Their grandfather died in a mining accident. On Summer's birthday, they got a surprise from their Poppy telling them that they were moving to Flint, Michigan.
When they got to Flint, they moved into a two- bedroom apartment. About a week later Lyric and Summer started school. Lyric liked it but Summer didn't so she dropped out. When Summer started staying home, she began talking to imaginary people and having episodes of paranoia. The family decides to take Summer to the doctor. The doctor tells them that Summer has a disease called schizophrenia and that they should take her to Pontiac so they could focus on only Summer. Lyric and Poppy say no and bring Summer back home. Everyday Summer gets worse. One day she cussed out her babysitter. One day she tries to burn her arm!
What happens next....... well read this book Memories of Summer by Ruth White to find out.
From the time they were very young, Lyric was always aware that her sister Summer was strange, with her fear of electricity and her need to whisper to the mountains that surrounded their coal mining town. But Lyric and her father have always just overlooked these strange behaviors and haven't thought much of them.

Then, when Lyric is thirteen and Summer is sixteen, they move to a Minnesota city where their father is going to try to find work in an automobile factory. Once there, things start to go downhill for Summer, who becomes more adamant about her conversations with people who aren't there. She spends much of her time in a fog, then begins to neglect her own hygiene. Summer becomes more and more difficult to live with, especially when Lyric and her father try to control her.

Eventually Summer is diagnosed with schizophrenia and after she develops a fondness for fire and for sharp objects such as razor blades, Lyric and her father realize that Summer's disease is more than they can handle, and they need help from doctors. The decision to seek help is difficult for Lyric, who still remembers the wonderful big sister she had as a child. She feels guilty for being embarrassed by Summer but finds it hard to feel any other way.

I liked that Lyric's feelings were portrayed realistically, especially her guilt about being ashamed of her sister. I liked that the characters weren't poor throughout the book. They had enoug problems without the author adding financial troubles to their story.

I didn't like that there was so little resolution in this book. I kept expecting some sort of big blowout that never happened.
Super P
*****= The book Memories of Summer is by Ruth White. This book is wonderful. One reason was that this book was very touching because of how the sisters stayed together. It is about these two girls, Lyric and Summer. In this book, these two sisters lose their mother while living in Glory Bottom, Virginia. The dad told the girls that they would be going to move to Flint, Michigan. The girls find the good news on Summers 15th birthday. Then they move into this very small apartment. After a few days in Flint, Summer becomes mentally ill. She just really starts to act weird. The doctor told Poppy that one day Summer would be so bad they would have to put her in the mental hospital. Read the book to find out more.
In this book two girls, Lyric and Summer, and their father move from Virginia to Flint, Michigan. The girls are just geting used to the city, the people and how they talk when Summer is starting to acted weird.Their father takes her to the doctor and finds uot that she has a disease. Lyric is starting to be enmbarresed of her sister and the way she acts. Summer is geting out of control and it is to hard for Lyric adn her father to calm her down so tey send her to the hospital to stay until she can control herself. To me this was a very sad book because I would never want my sister to go away like that knowing that there is noy=thing i could do about it.
Summer and Lyric are sisters, they live in Virginia, Summer's birthday is coming up and when it does they have a party and they give her gifts and her Poppy gives her a present and it is to move to Michigan. So they move to Michigan, the first day was wonderful then a couple weeks later Summer started acting weird they took her to the hospital she walks in the livingroom and had scratches and blood all over her face, she told Lyric that the wolves got her. Then one day Summer and Lyric went to a cafe and Summer ran away, they found her and took her to the hospital. Then they moved to a new house they had to try to keep her in the house, she tries to set the house on fire she cuts her figernails with a razor blade, she is having episodes of paranoia. They have to send her to a home, a hospital.

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Memories of Summer (Readers Circle)
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Author: Ruth White
Title: Memories of Summer (Readers Circle)