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My Louisiana Sky by Kimberly Willis Holt

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Tiger Ann Parker is smart in school and good at baseball, but she's forever teased about her family by the girls in class. Tiger Ann knows her folks are different from others in their small town of Saitter, Louisiana. They are mentally slow, and Tiger Ann keeps her pain and embarrassment hidden as long as her strong and smart Granny runs the household. Then Granny dies suddenly and Aunt Dorie Kay arrives, offering Tiger Ann a way out. Now Tiger Ann must make the most important decision of her life.

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When an author catches with words the same feelings the reader feels (or maybe vice versa) , that kind of writing goes beyond technical ability. When the author brings up memories and awareness of truths that move the reader's heart, that is art. Kimberly Willis Holt did that to me in Louisiana Sky, the story of a girl coming of age in a 1950's Louisiana small town. As her first novel of this kind, set in 1950's Louisiana, I found a few parts where superfluous words seemed to briefly interrupt the magic, but I quickly forgave these few small rough edges because the beauty of the story drew me right back in. Holt does a masterful job creating characters in their cultures and times, making them understandable, usually lovable, and sometimes hilarious. We care about her characters enough to want them to succeed, to understand, to resolve all the hidden secrets in their lives, and we want to live these things right along with them. If we as readers do, we come out of the book as better real people.
It was written by a lady from Forest Hill, Louisiana with knowledge of the area and history. The story takes at the time of Hurricane Audry, or it did in my mind. The story had the feeling of longing and want, with the loss of a loved one and the love of home, family, and friends and the joy of having them. The story was sad, but at the end it left a feeling of love.
Tiger Ann Parker is the typical, unsure young girl that many are, except one thing, her mother has the mentality of a six year old, and her dad is considered slow as well. Although Tiger's parents struggle, Tiger herself is very smart, as well as athletic. Along with her straight A grade book, Tiger is an all-star on the baseball field, which she loves to play with all the boys, especially her best friend, Jesse Wade. Tiger struggles with the social aspect of life, as her simple mother tends to embarrass her beyond ones imagination, allowing others to shy away. Tiger Ann wants nothing more than to fit in with the pretty, popular girls at school, but her family reputation makes things very difficult.

Things get even worse for Tiger when her grandmother, whom took care of the family, including Tiger's mother, died. Tiger's mother went into depression, and this was when Tiger's Aunt Dorie Kay came from Baton Rouge. Dorie Kay was a very classy, sophisticated woman, and Tiger would do anything to be like that, until the chance rolls around. Aunt Dorie Kay offers Tiger the chance to go live with her in Baton Rouge, but after a surprising realization, Tiger struggles to leave her parents behind.

I bought this for my mom. She liked it. She wanted the movie too. She said the movie didn't have nearly as much content, but that's to be expected from book to screen. I think it even made her cry though, so it was a touching story that she would recommend.
I purchased 24 of these books, as a gift, for a 6th grade teacher at a local school; plus the video for a comparative study. I read the book myself and found it very interesting; with complex thoughts from the leading character Tiger Ann. If only I could be a mouse in the classroom to hear the students as they discuss this book as they read it together. In the day of kids watching too many movies or playing video games excessively I was delighted to be able to make this 'reading' experience for this classroom. Hopefully, they will see the joy in reading a good book, not only for school but their own pleasure. Adults enjoy sharing at a book club but 11-12 year olds seldom get that opportunity - hooray for their teacher!
I think this would be a great book for a kids' book club! It is fairly straight-forward in its plot, the writing is not too simplistic but does have direction, and there are many themes that could be discussed (feeling out of place, alone, and different; changes in friendships between boys and girls; race relations in the 1950's and today; and so forth). The plot certainly could have been developed further (as one reviewer mentioned), but I think the story line was handled well, and leaves the reader to contemplate what else might be (or could be) going on.
Beautiful story! I wish every middle schooler was required to read this! Story about feelings emotions and relationships! Excellent!
Beautifully written coming-of-age tale set in 1950's Louisiana. Wonderful, real characters whose experiences stir deep feelings.

Do not expect a thrill-a-minute adventure. This is, foremost, an emotional journey. Take the time to get to know Tiger and her family and you will not be disappointed.

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Publisher: Yearling; First Edition edition (January 11, 2000)

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My Louisiana Sky
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Author: Kimberly Willis Holt
Title: My Louisiana Sky