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John Diamond (Lythway Large Print Children's Series) by Leon Garfield

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Unsettling words from his dying father set twelve-year-old William on a mission to eighteenth-century London where, in the course of searching for his father's mysterious business partner, he encounters an odd assortment of characters, some of whom seem determined to kill him.

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Leon Garfield takes his readers into the world of Dicken's England. The journey is exciting, humorous, frightening and thought-provoking. In short, it is extremely well written. From the first sentence, 'I ought to begin with the footsteps,' I was hooked. The promise of drama is there from the start and Leon Garfield delivers in spades. Characters from the seamy side of life, thieves, cut-throats and the flotsam of the city's poor who exist from minute to minute contrast with the well-to-do who are not always what they should be. The story is very believable and moves at a brisk pace to deliver a climax that is unexpected and shocking. And don't think this book is just for children. It's one of my prized possessions. If you like it, try 'Smith'. Leon Garfield's characters capture your heart.
This book is full of the suspense and of the poignant, masterfully depicted scenes and vivid characters, typical of this writer. Highly recommended.
The ominous and suspenseful atmosphere of this historical adventure story (alternately titled Footsteps) is leavened by humor. William Smith is kept awake every night by the sound of his father’s footsteps from the room below. One night the footsteps stop: he learns his father’s dark secret and sets off to London in search of the elusive John Diamond. There he encounters odd and sometimes frightening characters. Garfield is a captivating storyteller with a gift for humor. I recommend all of his historical adventures (the reason for four stars instead of five is that some of his other books are even better). If you like his works, try Joan Aiken Hodge’s The Wolves of Willoughby Chase.
This is a exciting tail of a young boy named Willium hows father had told him a deep and dark secrate on his death bed. Willium runs away from home to set his fathers wrongs write. Once again a griping tail by Leon Garfeild. You will not be abel to put it down.

ISBN: 0745107575

Rating: 4.9/5

Votes: 644

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ISBN13: 978-0745107578

Publisher: G K Hall & Co; Large Print edition (September 1, 1988)

Language: English

Subcategory: Literature & Fiction

Pages: 304

John Diamond (Lythway Large Print Children's Series)
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Author: Leon Garfield
Title: John Diamond (Lythway Large Print Children's Series)