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Tall, Thin and Blonde by Dyan Sheldon

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I read this book only because the author is getting so much mileage out of her other Young Adult novel, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen. This earlier novel is a great addition to the angst filled genre of teen novels about trying to fit in. So many of the situations described match what my own 13-year-old daughter is going through. The only complaint I had is that the girl's friend goes from being a geek to a popular girl seemingly overnight and easily earns a slot on the cheerleading squad without even taking a dance lesson. I don't think someone can enter a different clique that quickly and effortlessly. I do believe that longterm friends can suddenly drift apart, and the hurt caused from that situation is captured brilliantly in this book.
I much preferred this to Sheldon`s Confession of a Teenage Drama Queen. I could relate much better to the main character. This is a funny and real look at body image and popularity in young women
This is a amazing book about a girl who finds she's alot happier at being who she is than she could ever be being 'Miss Perfect Teenager'a girl who is gorgeous, size six and who all the boys want to go out with. I really enjoyed reading this book and it is a heartfelt account on the average tenage girl.
At first sight, one might think that this book is shallow, vapid, and stupid. However, when one looks deeper, they shall see that this is a book that laments on the important qualities of a friendship. It shows that a true friend is not one who's "popular" or "all that" but one whom you have a mutual respect and fondness for. This was one of the best books that I have ever read and I would recommend it to anyone especially pre-teens who may not fully understand the true meaning of friendship.
I really enjoyed this novel,it kept me really interested!It is about a teenaged girl who is not sure whether to hang out with the tall and thin and snobby girls or with her best friends,the Misfits.
Tabitha Harris
Sheldon,Dylan. Tall, Thin, and Blonde
Massuchusetts: Candlewick, 1993.
Shallow Girls
When I saw this book in the library I thought twice about checking it out; because it sounds like it would be about shallow, mindless girls. It was actually a good book though and I would recommend it to anyone! I felt like I could relate to the characters in this book and that's what kept me interested in it. This book was about two girls who are best friends, their names are Jennifer and Amy. They are about to discover a whole new world when they begin ninth grade.
Amy wants to get a fresh start to high school so she drops a few pounds and gets a perm. Jennifer on the other hand isn't worried what people think of her and she can't believe that Amy is either because she never cared about people's opinions before. Amy talks to Jennifer while they are walking to school but then the popular girls start to notice her and ask her to hang out with them. Jennifer feels left out but she makes new friends despite of Amy abandoning her. Jennifer's friends are not so popular and Amy tells her she needs to start hanging out with the "right" crowd. Amy also tells Jennifer that she could stand to lose a few pounds and that she needs to do something with her hair. So Jennifer tries to change her body image by going on a diet and dying her hair blonde. With the help of her new friends Jennifer starts to realize that if someone is your true friend you shouldn't have to change yourself in any way to make them like you. This book is definitely worth reading!
It is a very good book that shows one of the many aspects of high school life. The book shows a point of view that most teen girls can relate with.
I have just finished reading this book a moment ago, and I think it's very easy to read. The story is quite funny, about a 14-year-old girl(Jenny) who is fitting in high school life. Her best friend Amy made other friends who are Miss Perfect Teenagers and stops hanging out with Jenny because Jenny is not fashionable and fat. But Jenny doesn't care and soon makes friends with 5 werid girls who they call 'the Martians'. They have a lot in common. Jenny later met the weridest guy of her school who is her friend's brother, and has a lot of fun with him! She doesn't care about what the others think and feels happy. The ending is quite impressing too. I only spent 2 days reading this book! I would recommend this book to any teen girls. And 'Holes' by Louis Sachar is also a great book!

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Tall, Thin and Blonde
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Author: Dyan Sheldon
Title: Tall, Thin and Blonde