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The Way of Perfection by Teresa of Avila,Tavia Gilbert

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The Way of Perfection is perhaps the simplest and most practical work of Teresa of Avila, one of the great religious figures of all time. She exhorts readers to nurture a lasting love of prayer by fulfilling three requirements, which are discussed in the text. Also included is her impassioned version of the Lord's Prayer.

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"That being so, who can say that he possesses any virtue, or that he is rich, if at the time when he needs this virtue he finds himself devoid of it? No, sisters: let us rather think of ourselves as lacking it and not run into debt without having the means of repayment.... If others, thinking we are good, bestow favours and honours upon us, both they and we shall look foolish when, as I say, it becomes clear that our virtues are only lent us."
A classic. One of the best spiritual writer's in the church. I thought it was going to be hard to understand, but it isn't. It is just as relevant today as the day she wrote it. While some of it is directed toward the nuns in her convent, the ideas pertain to us all. If you want to give your spiritual life a boost, try Teresa of Avila and her Way of Perfection. Not in the world's eyes, but in God's.
Text good, Narration fair.
St Theresa of Avila is one of Western Christianity's outstanding personalities. The translations of this work and her "Interior Castle" from 16th century Spanish to modern English are excellent. Her spiritual insights still have an impact on those open-minded enough to read and ponder.them today.
The "Way of Perfection" is Teresa of Avila's classic book on how to pray
(the Our Father).No one in my opinion wrote more clearly on the subject than she.What's amazing about the "Way of Perfection" is that she wrote it straight through unedited (taken out of her autobiography)on the floor
of one of her convents by a sunlit window.It attests to her amazing skill
as a writer!

What makes the audiobook so good though is the reader,Julie Clapp.I've listened to a lot of audiobooks and she's as good as I've heard! You get
the feeling that you were hearing Teresa speak herself.Few readers can do that.

The price is high,(I'd like to see a 30% discount Amazon) but worth it
to fans of Saint Teresa of Avila/Jesus (the greatest woman mystic writer
IMO) and authentic audiobook readers!
I read this spiritual classic many years ago, and I am introducing my daughter to it. I am rereading it, as she goes along!
If you are a religious, this a great book to and reflect on. Its easy to read and has a lot of take away. Will recommend it to anyone interested in deeping their personal relationship with God.
Very good and insightful book. Very good condition. Recommend book and seller.

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The Way of Perfection
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Author: Teresa of Avila,Tavia Gilbert
Title: The Way of Perfection