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Entering the Castle: An Inner Path to God and Your Soul (Christian Softcover Originals) by Caroline Myss

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Draws on the mystical writings of St. Teresa of Avila to explore how to maintain a connection with the divine, in a guide that compares the human soul to a crystal castle with rooms representing various stages of spiritual development.

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If you are serious about getting get in touch with your soul to have a deeper, closer relationship with God, BUY THIS BOOK. Read a little at a time to digest the rich introspective thoughts and the formative exercises to plumb the depths of your soul. Gradually over time, you will see a change in your life, your perspective, and perhaps find out what you are to do with your life. This book, based on St. Teresa of Avila's Interior Castle, is written for the everyday person in today's world. It is easy to read and understand. This book is an inspired masterpiece and is ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS I'VE EVER READ. This book opens your eyes and helps you gain insight, increasing your awareness of God and how God works in your life. You must be sincere, humble, and committed to finding out who you are and what you are to do with your life to undertake the spiritual exercises in this book. You will learn to be honest with yourself and how to connect with your soul as your moral compass. I have changed and the direction of my life has changed as a result of reading and following the soul work in this book. A word of caution, the profound changes that you will make in your life as you enter the "castle" of your soul are fraught with a lot of challenges that will require perseverance. But you will reach new heights and learn much to cope with ambiguities in life to find your path to God.
As a person who has been on a serious spiritual path for many years, this book has been life changing for me. Caroline Myss does for Teresa of Avila's "Interior Castle" what Marianne Williamson has done for "A Course in Miracles". The practices for deep prayer are insightful and practical as well as sacred. I am on my sixth time through it since I picked it up in Nov 2014 after my brother died. It is an essential book for me, kept permanently on my reading table.
This book does take a while to get into it, this is true. And it is not just for Catholics it is for a Christian or one on a spiritual journey to understand what the castle experience is all about. Once I began this book, it was hard to put it down. Each day, I looked forward to reading this book to completion. Each chapter caused me to yearn for more as I loved going to each part of the castle to the different levels. What a spiritual journey this book is!

What I also found helpful was I ordered the CD audio (abridged) book for Entering The Castle and loved this one so much I downloaded it to my MP3 player and listen to it often. You can also find on Amazon the unabridged version of Entering The Castle CD and the audiobook as well. For me, I found the abridged one online at a low cost and it is not as long as the unabridged (lecture) one.
For those who find this this book is rather long, may I suggest the CD for Entering the Castle. It is so easy to listen to the the abridged book this way.
I gave Entering the Castle, by Caroline Myss, five stars because of what I have gotten out of it. For a little more than the last year, I have been studying A Course In Miracles (ACIM) which is quite challenging by itself. However, I see Entering the Castle as another vehicle for uncovering layers of my past "stuff" in a perhaps easier way. Her descriptions of reptiles and drawbridges and the castle help to make the process of lightening burdens of the soul interesting and inviting which is no easy task. She bases her writing on ideas that came from St Theresa of Avila, which is intriguing. With each writing exercise, I have been pleasantly surprised at new discoveries about myself, even after years and years of writing and praying. I highly recommend this book to anyone willing and courageous enough to dig deep into the bowels of his or her castle to reap great rewards.
The past decade has led me to undertake deep and intense soul work. I found the door to my inner castle through both Teresa of Avila and the masterful writing of Caroline Myss, a true mystic without a monastery. It takes brutal honesty and a sincere heartfelt desire to enter the Castle and visit its many rooms. Self-refection defeats self-deception. This is NOT a new-agey book(five steps to complete spirituality). It is worth the time, the effort, and dedication to commit to and complete all the mansions and its multiple rooms.

I feel invigorated, humble, joyful and delighted in life! My connection of my soul to God? Mystical, infinite, sacred, clear and loving.
What a wonderful book that I will use for the rest of my time here on earth. There are so my insights in this book. I can be still because I know God is with me. And the Kindom of God is here, it is within us.
This book is one of my personal favorites in consciousness expansion and spiritual/personal evolution. I have both the book and the cds, and I especially love the cds, as Caroline leads you through meditations based on Teresa of Ávila's work. I've had amazing shifts in consciousness as a result....but, not just from reading the book. You have to do the work of "entering the castle" consistently. But, if you are willing to make the effort, the depth of the awakening process and personal exploration that this system can open you to can be quite profound.
A rigorous guidebook for the contemporary mystic. I've been working with this book for years now. It is absolutely invaluable. You can read it straight through or open it up at any point and you will not fail to be moved and enlightened. It's an incredible combination of classic Catholic mystical practices and contemporary wisdom - a marriage between St. Teresa of Avila and Caroline Myss. Love it. A must read for any contemporary contemplative or spiritual seeker.

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Entering the Castle: An Inner Path to God and Your Soul (Christian Softcover Originals)
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Author: Caroline Myss
Title: Entering the Castle: An Inner Path to God and Your Soul (Christian Softcover Originals)