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Punisher MAX Vol. 10: Valley Forge, Valley Forge (v. 10) by Goran Parlov,Garth Ennis

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35 years ago, the Fifth Cavalry disgorged their troops on an isolated Vietnamese hilltop & were met by utter devastation. The final body count ran to well over 700. Standing alone amidst the carnage, a sole survivor: Captain Frank Castle, who years later would be known as the most fearsome vigilante to walk the Earth - the Punisher.

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Thus ends Garth Ennis's career defining run with the Punisher. Ennis has made his mark with Preacher, the Boys, Fury and Crossed (all of which I really like), but his work on Punisher was just exceptional. It's an all time great series, and a must-read for serious students of the comic genre.

This volume ties up storylines from vol.'s 3, 6, and 9. This deals with Frank Castle, the forever Marine. The corrupt generals from Vol. 3's story have reached out to a Delta Force unit headed by Colonel Howe, who is best read with Morgan Freeman's voice. Freeman was clearly the model for Parlov's interpretation.

The plot, pacing, coloring, dialogue and inner monologues are all very good.

Two minor points that bother a military man such as myself:
(1) No way Castle would have been a 21 year old Captain - he couldn't even have been a 21 year old 1st LT
(2) Occasionally in this series, Castle refers to himself as a soldier - that's incorrect. He is a Marine. Soldiers are from the Army.
Garth Ennis has been one of my favorite comic book writers for quite a long time; I've been reading him since his 2000AD/Judge Dredd days. Probably, The Preacher is still the highlight of his writing career, but this one comes pretty close if not better. As an ex-pat Irishman, Mr. Ennis's view on the Vietnam war is that as an outsider; he didn't grow up hearing rationalizations about why we were in Vietnam or feel like he has to defend our involvement there. That is, he's free to tell a story.

And the story is great; he has a surprise plot twist towards that end that I won't reveal, but all of the characters in the story have believable motivations. As is the case with many of the best Judge Dredd stories, here the Punisher is not the main character; for most of the book he's in the background; his story is secondary. The real story is the lives of the soldiers who were destroyed or damaged by their involvement in a pointless war.

Which is why, for me, this book borders on literature. There is a lot of literature about the horrors of war, and book starts to come close to those. Think of it as the comic book version of The Red Badge of Courage.

But it's still the Punisher; he slaughters drug dealers and is seemingly invincible in the face of armed opposition. He's more lethal than Delta Force team and regularly out-smarts 5-star generals, etc.

5 stars
Garth Ennis brings his ten volume series of the Punisher to conclusion with Valley Forge, Valley Forge. In this story the corrupt generals who have played fairly big roles in a few previous chapters find themselves with a huge problem, trying to knock off Frank Castle once and for all. Though they never want to get their hands dirty, the generals round up members of delta force after their squad leader prefers him and his team do the job. This story is a little different, even more so than the last chapter, a published book about the early Vietnam and the effects it had on soldiers including the Punisher comes to tie in with the story. Some fans might not enjoy it as much as others but knowing this is the end for Ennis with Punisher...it feels about right. I give this book 4/5 stars.
No other writer has gotten The Punisher like Garth Ennis. Since making the move from Marvel Knights to Marvel's adult-themed MAX imprint, Ennis has had a nearly flawless run on a series that took Marvel's criminal killing vigilante in an ultra-gritty, realistic direction that pulled no punches. With Valley Forge, Valley Forge; Ennis' long run writing The Punisher comes to a close, a run that I for one had wished would never end. Well, you know what they say about "all good things" and such, and while Valley Forge, Valley Forge isn't as perfect a read as many of Ennis' previous Punisher MAX storyarcs, it ties everything together that Ennis has set up over the years, as Frank Castle learns just who was behind tipping off Barracuda in Long Cold Dark, and it is an enemy that this time around Frank may not be able to take down. With ties to his pre-Punisher days in Vietnam, this promises an outcome that will definitely not be pretty. While Valley Forge, Valley Forge is certainly engaging and page-turning, its one big flaw happens to be in the pacing. During the chapters of this TPB pop up segments of a book written by the brother of one of the main characters of Ennis' Punisher: Born mini-series. While this does end up playing a semi-important role in the proceedings here, this breaks up the pacing, and simply takes too much away from what's going on. This may not be such a big flaw for others, but for a die-hard fan of Ennis' Punisher run, this hurts the book more than helps it. Goran Parlov is on board once again as the artist, and his work seems more tighter here than on Long Cold Dark. All in all, it's sad to see Ennis leave The Punisher, but he goes out firing, and leaves a legacy as being the sole writer to really get what the character and the world Frank Castle lives in is truly all about.
Great story with a backstory on The Punisher during his time in Vietnam. Ennis shows just how screwed up and corrupt our government and military politicians were back then and today when it comes to the war on terrorism.

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Punisher MAX Vol. 10: Valley Forge, Valley Forge (v. 10)
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Author: Goran Parlov,Garth Ennis
Title: Punisher MAX Vol. 10: Valley Forge, Valley Forge (v. 10)