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Appleseed: The Scales of Prometheus (Volume 3) by Toren Smith,Dana Lewis,Masamune Shirow

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Functional simplicity, structural complexity: the best life for all. That's the maxim of Olympus, the utopian city that sprung from the ashes of World War III. But Deunan and Bri, a young woman and her cyborg companion just entering the rose-tinted society, find that so long as there are different kinds of people there will be differences among them. Such is the story of Appleseed, the masterwork of manga storyteller Masamune Shirow. Beautiful art and a complex and fully realized future world rank this title among the best comics available.

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Ummmmmm, it's the third volume of the Appleseed saga. Very good story, right in the middle of Shirow-san's Appleseed powers, in my opinion. Lush art and an enticing and enthralling (for it's subject matter) story line. The format is well done, though I wish slightly larger as I think the art could use the room. I have the the other volumes from the Eclipse 1st Ed and the difference in size is quite noticeable. But, the price was right so....
World War Three is over. Nuclear weapons were not used, but just about everything else was. Old nations have died out and new powers have replaced them. A nomad soldier, Deunan Knute, and her cyborg partner, Briareos, have been taken from the ruins, out of the wastes, to utopia. A utopia called Olympus, the central city of the new Earth.
Yet, even utopia has power struggles. Will mankind be changed and became something better IF nonhuman or embrace total peace at the cost of his spirit? Or will it all be destroyed again by uncontrolled emotions such as hate and greed?
Or will mankind be able to find a way, a path that combines it all? Shirow is the best artist to help us ask the question and maybe the only one who can help us answer it.
Goodwill please stop putting stickers smack on the front of the cover of books you are selling :) Other then this great price and book came in the condition it was described.
Books 1 and 2 were great. They had an interesting and driving plot. But, book 3 was dull, Dunan transformed from bad ass soldier to something of a stereotype, the romance subplot was unexplored, and the action was hard to follow. All this was through a pretty rough translation that dedicated entire chapters to fictional politics and philosophical musings. 1 and 2 were gems. Book 3 was a bit of a chore to finish. Hoping book 4 is a little better.
I have always loved Masamune's books, world, and characters. While the story is basically strait forward the artwork is beautiful and the concept fascinating. For those who haven't read any of these this series is about a post appocalyps (world war/faction wars) utopia, and two characters trying to fit in after having lived in war torn lands for a long time.
Great service and price
Great service and price
I enjoy the Appleseed series, but I feel in comparison to GitS, Dominion, and Orion it is a bit dry.

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Publisher: Dark Horse; Gph edition (February 9, 2005)

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Appleseed: The Scales of Prometheus (Volume 3)
Comics & Graphic Novels
Author: Toren Smith,Dana Lewis,Masamune Shirow
Title: Appleseed: The Scales of Prometheus (Volume 3)