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Slow Cooking (Gooseberry Patch) (Classic Cookbooklets) by Gooseberry Patch

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Get a taste of Gooseberry Patch in this collection of over 20 favorite slow-cooker recipes!

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At first glance, I didn't think I was going to like this cookbook... It is fairly small (37 recipes in all), and many of the recipes use a lot of "cream of X" soups and other canned/processed foods. However, there are also several recipes that don't include so many processed foods, and look/sound wonderful! (I also realize that utilizing those canned items is what helps make the recipes quick-and-easy to make, which is what many people need.)

If you open the book at the beginning and start paging through, you won't find the table of contents, because it has been placed at the END of the book (I found this odd). So if you're anything like me, and like to look through the TOC first, you'll need to use the Kindle menu to navigate to the TOC. Not a big problem, just different.

There is a wide variety of recipes, given the smallish size, including a breakfast oatmeal recipe, a couple of beverages, 3 or 4 dips/appetizers, many soups-and-stews, some main dishes, meat sandwich fillings, and a couple of desserts. The recipe for stroganoff sounds great and will probably be the first one I make. I was also happy to see a recipe for Cabbage-Rolls, which is also going on my menu in the near future. (My Dad used to make the best cabbage-rolls in the world, and this is what I grew up calling pigs-in-a-blanket - imagine my surprise when I found out most people use that name for something completely different - sausages wrapped in pancakes!)

All recipes include good, clear instructions and complete ingredient lists. All recipes look very easy to make, and most don't use any hard-to-find ingredients.

Here are a few of the recipes included:
Overnight Raisin-Nut Oatmeal
Harvest Apple Butter
Mom's Cranberry Tea
Taco Dip
Quick & Easy Nachos
Red Bandanna Stew
Easy Potato Soup
4-Bean Bake
Shredded Beef Barbecue
Slow-Cooker Pepper Steak
Slow-Cooker Turkey and Dressing
Ooey-Gooey Fondue-y
I bought the Kindle version of this book and tried half a dozen recipes. They have all been great and easy as promised. I hate slow cooker recipes that have numerous pre-cooking steps, brown this, saute that, let thicken overnight, etc. Not to mention the recipes with a zillion herbs, spices and assorted ingredients that raise the cost of your "easy" meal astronomically and often lack any real flavor enhancement to your meal. Seriously, do you really think I can taste 1/8 teaspoon of rosemary in a 6 quart chili recipe?

This book is great, if your like me and want recipes that can be prepared in less then 10 minutes, uses ingredients you typically find in every kitchen, clear instructions with cooking times in either Low or High setting. I have cut a number of recipes in half and all have turned out great. I too like the handy crock pot hints after each recipe. I also like that the format is very easy for grocery shopping for ingredients with your iPhone, (using free Kindle App), at the store.

If you fancy yourself a gourmet crock pot chef, an oxymoron in my opinion, then this book is not what your looking for. If you want tasty, simple and practical get this cookbook! You won't be disappointed.
I just tried one one the recipes (Grandma's Chilli) in this cook book because I recently purchased a slow cooker and wanted to begin using it due to my busy shedule. The ingredient's were easy enough to gather, my deciphering the amount to use for some of the ingredient's I found difficult. As when they say to add T amount of (chilli powder) and I don't know whether it's a table spoon or if it's a teaspoon, then there is no mention of the amount of water to use. I had to guess and it end up making the chilli thin, I used masa powder to thicking it up and last I would have liked if they mentioned what size slow cooker they were using when they created this recipe or at least have a way of telling the reader how to make adjustment's to the recipe depending on the size of the slower cook being utilized. After that the recipe came out ok, but before I use this book again I will look up some info on the internet regarding adjusting portions when using varying size slow cookers.
Yesterday I downloaded this Slow Cooker(Classic Cookbooklets) YEA!
Today, I am buying ingredients to use this cookbook often. These are recipes I had loved and forgotten or new ones to become loved recipes. I am certainly glad I got it as an e-book to have at hand to use for years to come.

This cookbook lost one star from me because it is hard to get the recipe all together. When I was writing my grocery list to buy the ingredients I had to scroll back and forth and make sure I got all of that recipe. The page devides most of the recipes. It could be an easy fix for the authors. They have added cute drawings and slow cooker tips. Each page should have one recipe. Where extra space (Short Recipe like dips) is available the tips and illustrations should go there and not divide the recipes. Even a lone page for one illustration and tip would help. I would like to see that fix made.

HOWEVER: I am going to use these recipes often so it will get to where I know what comes next and this problem will take care of itself.

I had gotten away from using my slow cooker. Now for health reasons I want to start using it again. Also better tasting food. I think this will become one of your favorite cookbooks for great food. ENJOY!
Zeks Horde
I was impressed with this cookbook. It includes a variety of recipes that are typically easy to prepare and utilize standard ingredients that you probably already have on hand or can find locally. They are written in a manner that is very easy to understand and follow and don't require a lot of cooking knowledge or finesse necessarily. I enjoyed everything I have prepared from this book.
Risky Strong Dromedary
I got this when they were doing the promotion of the free cookbook. It was my first expirience with Gooseberry Patch. I love the handy tidbits throughout. The recipes are easy and don't have strange ingredients. Most of them I could make with things I routinely keep on hand! The couple I have tried are great! I have since then purchased the Chili Cookbook and have others on my wish list.

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Slow Cooking (Gooseberry Patch) (Classic Cookbooklets)
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Author: Gooseberry Patch
Title: Slow Cooking (Gooseberry Patch) (Classic Cookbooklets)