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American Pattern Glass Table Sets (Collector's Guide) by Cathy Florence,Don Jones,Danny Cornelius,Gene Florence

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This book is a salute to early American pattern glass table sets. With the picture quality herein, this book is not only for the new collector who is just being introduced to early American pattern glass, but also for those who have collected for years. You will find over 425 patterns made by such industry giants as U.S. Glass, Northwood, Cambridge, Heisey, Fostoria, and Indiana Glass. Our aim was for actual pictures of each pattern for easy identification plus a price guide and an index of cross references of the various names ascribed to the same pattern. Dates and colors made, reproduction information, and pertinent facts are included, as well as current collector values. Values are even given for items not shown in photos, in the event that readers own something not pictured in the book. This book also features dimensions of each piece shown, something not always available in previous references. Coordinated by Don Jones and Danny Cornelius. 2007 values.

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After seeing a preview of this book at a glass show a few months ago, I anxiously awaited the publication. It exceeded my expectations when it arrived in the mail today!

The pictures are fabulous (by FAR the best photos in any reference book on EAPG). Patterns and colors are well defined in the photos where previous EAPG guides did not quite hit the mark. Pricing is up-to-date and accurate. Pattern information is concise yet informative(and I am learning more every time I flip through it).

You can tell that the author and coordinators poured their hearts (and glass collection!) into publishing this book. You get a little more "collecting fever" just by looking at this book.

While this book focuses mainly on table sets it in my mind is now the essential reference guide on EAPG.
Another triumph for Gene Florence. I have been buying and actively using the Florence books since the mid-80's as a collector of several types of glassware and pottery.

I particularly like the format of this new book as opposed to the older ones, but I still have a suggestion for Mr. Florence. Someday, use your extensive knowledge to bring us a truly usable 'find it' book, one which will enable us to determine the identity of a particular pattern without having to scan page by page until it is found (or not).

Bottom line, though, is that I'm quite satisfied with this book. If it more satisfied my above suggestion, it would have been five stars for sure.
I enjoy looking through this big attractive book with all its
wonderful color pictures and attractive layouts. Finally, an
eapg guide that celebrates the eternal beauty of this old glass;
you will be hard pressed to find another book that does this as well.
I would have given the book five stars but for a few shortcomings.
Most glaring is the lack of MANY popular eapg patterns listed in other guides.
I also wish more examples of patterns on other pieces besides JUST
sugarcreamers, spooners and butter dishes were displayed. There are SO many other
interesting eapg pieces out there; but then again, they did title the book
"Table Sets." As in some other Florence glass guides that I own, many patterns are
not shown close up, so it can be quite difficult to see the actual fine details
and differences between similar patterns. Anyway, overall I really like this
book, along with many other Florence guides. Recommended.
Gene Florence is great! He really takes his time to lay out the glassware so it shows the detail. This book is very helpful for me to see what I may want to start collecting. It does not nearly show you all the patterns that were made. That may take another 3 or 4 books. Mr. Florence will probably come out with more books, I hope so.
good book
Great photos and information on glassware from the past. Really helps with identification and know what pieces go together & estate sale planning.
I have a library of reference books on antique and vintage glassware. While this book is beautiful it is sorely lacking in detail. The photos are not clear on many of the patterns making it difficult to pinpoint specific pattern identifications. The book gives me the impression that it was a project put together in haste, which surprises me considering the quality of the Florence's other publications. This would be at the bottom of my list of recommended references for any glass collector or dealer.
If you enjoy reading up on different patterns in glass ware, this is a good resource book. I was hoping for more information on Fostoria.

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American Pattern Glass Table Sets (Collector's Guide)
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Author: Cathy Florence,Don Jones,Danny Cornelius,Gene Florence
Title: American Pattern Glass Table Sets (Collector's Guide)