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Focke-Wulf Fw 190: From 1939 to 1945 (Planes and Pilots) by Andre Jouineau,Dominique Breffort

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The "other" IIIrd Reich fighter is a symbol of technology as well as sturdiness. A mythical plane, the FW 190 first appeared in 1941 and, from thenon, was to be a real problem to Allied air forces. From the Eastern front to the Defense of the Reich, including the Normandy campaign, the fighter that the last German aces flew with distinction, is illustrated in all its variety of camouflage and schemes and markings.

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i like this book even if germans planes are not my main interest.there is a lot of imformation and a lot of pictures.a good deal
I really like the Focke Wulf 190. So this book was an easy sell. The contents is mostly profile drawings of the many models and details in color. Which is ok, and helpful in identifying planes in pictures,but needs more actual photos as well. I got the book " FW190" to clear up the differences between the 190 D and the TA 152. It helped. The 190 airframe was very versatile using radial and inline engines, short wings and long high altitude wings, and an endless array of weapons . It was produced from 1939 until the end of the war in great numbers. A great testament to Kurt Tank's design. I want more photos. I always want more clear photos.
Yet another excellent book that I will use as a reference source for building model airplanes. However, it is also an excellent read for those interested in WWII aviation.
Thank you! Very happy with the book. Great service.
This may not be the best book on the FW 190, but is really good. The over all history, modifications, markings, weapons and camouflage are here. And it has a large number of profiles, over 100, many with patterns I had never seen before. Is essential for the model builder, highly recommended.
Another fine profile publication from the Frech Historie & Collection library. A couple hundred color side profiles of the history of the FW 190 will give any modeller more marking ideas than any book I've ever seen. Also shows all the changes made to the aircraft throughout it's history. This whole series of profiles books are highly rcomended.
Early Waffle
This is a profusely illustrated reference to all the versions of this axis fighter. There are descriptions of units, pilots, the improvements to each model that documents all the rolls that the aircraft was deployed for. It is well written in a concise manner.
Dozens of well done profiles covers all of the models and standard markings.
Good bang for the buck.
I disagree a bit with my fellow previous reviewer. The colors in this book are quite pretty and accurate, in line with most of the latest knowledge about them, putting all possible color quarrels aside. These disputes can be very arbitrary, given field paint preparation, mixing colors, fading, etc. RLM 74 Gr√ľngrau and RLM 75 Violettgrau, for example, look better than those from many profile books I have seen or owned.

However, I DO agree in the many, many factual errors, like wrong Jagdgeshwadern, or naming a color NOT used on the plane, then representing the correct one. Stuff like this will be confusing to all but people who are well versed in Luftwaffe planes and can spot the mistakes, laugh, and disregard them. I'd say there are about 10-15 errors I have found in contradictory color info vs. the colors on the profile, and stuff like the below mentioned "JKG-300" :)

These are, of course, unjustifiable errors.

The wealth of profiles, on the other hand, giving the info below each one a margin of error, is very welcome, and they do include many that are for me fresh and very peculiar and curious paint jobs. It includes many pages with FW-190F and G profiles, which are rarely found in one single book, if at all. And of course, many FW-190Ds and Ta-152s also.

One sadly lacking thing is that there are NO TOP VIEWS of any particular plane, apart from the two generic camo pattern top views. This is not a book about pilots or battles (and I don't think that it was meant to be). I would say buy it for the profiles only, as the info may be misleading and is only cursory anyway. I have painted many 1/300 miniatures using profiles from this book.

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Focke-Wulf Fw 190: From 1939 to 1945 (Planes and Pilots)
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Author: Andre Jouineau,Dominique Breffort
Title: Focke-Wulf Fw 190: From 1939 to 1945 (Planes and Pilots)