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Overboard! A True Bluewater Odyssey of Disaster and Survival (Library Edition) by Michael Tougias,Malcolm Hillgartner

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In early May of 2005, Captain Tom Tighe and first mate, Loch Reidy, of the sailboat Almeisan welcomed three new crew members, two men and a woman, for a five-day voyage from Connecticut to Bermuda. While Tighe and Reidy had made the journey countless times, the rest of the crew were paying passengers learning about offshore sailing--and looking for adventure. Four days into their voyage, they got adventure but nothing that they had expected or had any training to handle. A massive storm struck, sweeping Tighe and Reidy from the boat. The remaining crew members somehow managed to stay aboard the vessel as it was torn apart by wind and water. Overboard! follows the simultaneous desperate struggles of boat passengers and the captain and first mate fighting for their lives in the sea.

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OK, I'm half way through and I have to leave the house to go over and pick up my mom for Sunday dinner and I am stalling her as I cannot stop reading this book!

I am a pretty sophisticated reader of non-fiction and I had only medium hopes for this book but it has far surpassed them. I will say that if you know nothing about the ocean or sailing and have zero understanding of the technical terms, you *might* be less enthralled than other readers, but even then, a graphic description of someone bobbling alone in the ocean being smashed by 40 foot seas is probably going to be get your attention. :)

I at first questioned the author's technique of describing the action in the present tense and I wondered if it would annoy me, but then I realized he has to jump back and forth in time so frequently he wants to you be able to distinguish between what is happening * right now* and what happened before. It actually works pretty well and keeps the action occurring at different times and places from getting confusing.

My 16 year old son's life goal is become a Coast Guard rescue swimmer. Naturally this book terrifies me, but he is going to love it. :)

Great read.
This is a story of a sailing trip from Long Island to Bermuda that went terribly wrong when the forty foot sailboat was caught in a massive storm with 30 foot waves. Actually, two stories are told, that of the "At Ease" and that of the "Almeisan," both of which were caught in the same storm, although hundreds of miles apart. After reading this, you will have a renew respect for the sea. The sea is never to be trifled with, or it will kill you. You will also have great respect for the rescue services of the U.S. Coast Guard, and the people who risk their lives to save others.

This is the first book by Michael J. Tougias that I have read. He style of writing is very lean. He does not get in the way of his story; he just tells the story in the least number of words with which it can be completely told. I appreciate a writer doesn't try to wow you with his writing.
Truly one of the best nonfiction books I have ever read. I find myself drawn to "disaster" books and have definitely read my share of them. But I kept thinking to myself all the way through it that the author ( Michael J. Tougias) is a superb writer. It is hard to write about dramatic story such as this one and be forthcoming with details and keep the book flowing. This he did. I honestly kept running back to my kindle every spare moment to see what happened next. For anyone who enjoys this type of genre in their reading experience... BUY THIS BOOK!
The author has created an excellent narrative. Nicely detailed and descriptive. I kept wishing I could see the movie! The true story contains some genuinely likeable 'characters' who demonstrated camaraderie and commitment. As a sailor myself, I cannot thank the US Coast Guard enough for their overall dedication! In particular, the rescue swimmers who risk everything on their rescues! An old boyfriend of mine had that job back in the 1990s and described one mission where he was seriously injured, but all aboard were rescued. Michael J. Tougias - keep writing!
The only thing I can say about Overboard is that I could not put it down. To know what took place was a true story made it even more intense. I felt like I was on the boat. The book becomes white knuckle almost as soon as they depart for their voyage. I highly recommend this book if you like suspense, danger and good writing.
This is a true story of 5 brave souls who left on a sailboat for a trip to Bermuda, and never made it. This is their story and what a story it is ! They hit a whopper of a storm and when they did their story became a roller coaster of a tale.
I must give kudos and give the Coast Guard, merchant ships and others their due for being heroes, also.
This book is well-written and a page-turning story that never lets up. The reader becomes mesmerized with what happened. ( no spoilers) I felt while reading it, that I was actually watching these events transpire before my eyes.
I could "see" the waves, feel the fear, see the storm for myself. Very descriptive writing. I was frightened for these people. I wanted to keep reading to find out what they did next, or what the storm did to them as the minutes and hours ticked by.
A great read !
A gripping and terrifying (especially if you are a boater) page turner. I read this book while on vacation and after reading a side story about a cruise ship that was hit by a 70' rogue wave, I looked across that cruise ship docked! That really put the size and terror of a large wave in perspective
YOU MUST READ THIS BOOK.....I am ambivalent about suckers having misadventures and 'expecting/hoping' to be rescued by truly brave souls..some who actually die whilst saving reckless fools.My ethos is..'you go out..you get out...by ur own efforts!!! This book is very well written..he does not flaff on to pad out the unimaginable..itz chilling in its stark reality...just get it and share it! I bet it curtails some folks dreamy ideal of ocean sailing...what a living nightmare!!!

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Overboard! A True Bluewater Odyssey of Disaster and Survival (Library Edition)
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Author: Michael Tougias,Malcolm Hillgartner
Title: Overboard! A True Bluewater Odyssey of Disaster and Survival (Library Edition)