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The Authentic South of Gone with the Wind: The Illustrated Guide to the Grandeur of a Lost Era by Bruce Wexler

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The year 2007 marks the 70th anniversary of the publication of the landmark novel, Gone With the Wind. What a perfect gift this companion volume will be for all those fans who can never get enough bonus material and commentary on the world of Scarlett O'Hara. The Authentic South of Gone with the Wind features photographs, facts, and trivia about the world that surrounds this famous heroine. But you don't even have to be a fan of the book or movie to be mesmerized by this evocative portrait of the war-era South with its grand houses, great societies, splendid uniforms, and exacting manners. Witness also its marvelous cities and the shadow society of slaves that made all the prosperity possible.

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Moonlight and Magnolias, huge hoop skirts and "well bless his heart" ladies sitting on the front porch being fanned. That is what most people think when they think of the Old South. I like this book because it tells the true stories. Has beautiful pictures of clothing, houses, farms, equipment, and other household goods that were used on a day to day basis. Yes, it talks about the plantation society, but it also tells about the other 90% of the people that lived in the old south.

Gone With The Wind is my favorite movie, period, but it is used allot to establish what most people think the old south was and that was only 10% of the people.

Good book
Love this book! As a big GWTW fan, it's nice to see information about Margaret Mitchell, the writing of GWTW, the filming and the movie premiere throughout the book. You can tell the author is a fan as well. Beyond that, though, are all the interesting stories, pictures (especially enjoyed the historical ones!) and historical facts pertaining to daily life in the old south. Everything from the homes they lived in to the articles of clothing they wore and the utensils they used is covered. Nothing is overlooked or too small to be noted -- very informative and written in an entertaining way. I felt that in some cases it was maybe a little too simplistic, but it is meant to inform those not familiar with the lifestyle and not as an insult. The tone of the book is as if the author is talking to a friend and sharing his passion for history. Looking forward to reading Mr Wexler's book on the Old West as well!
Not very long but has a bunch of cool stuff. I wish it wasn't quite so focused on movie props and more an authentic stuff but I love the film so I'll take. I mean the photo of the authors typewriter I guess is cool for hardcore fans but it has its place but I'd rather see more uniforms and stuff.
This book has photos of the home that Tara in Gone with the Wind was modeled after. It was built by my great great great-grandfather.
I expected more pictures from the movie.
The Authentic South of Gone with the Wind is chock-full of interesting information about the Old South and its aftermath and can be longer to supply more.

I've read Gone with the Wind (which is too long in my honest opinion) once and seen the movie three times, so I am able to appreciate the allusions because I remember them vividly well.

Also, I am pleased to see some of the myths in the book and movie be dispelled because the Old South was hardly that for many citizens and was built on the foundations of slavery which was never idyllic to begin with.

All in all, despite the many grammatical mistakes, I highly recommend The Authentic South of Gone with the Wind to any Gone with the Wind fan.
I collect GWTW memorabilia, so this book was a perfect addtion to my collection. Received quickly and in great condition. A+++ transaction.

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The Authentic South of Gone with the Wind: The Illustrated Guide to the Grandeur of a Lost Era
Author: Bruce Wexler
Title: The Authentic South of Gone with the Wind: The Illustrated Guide to the Grandeur of a Lost Era