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My Master: The Inside Story of Sam Houston and His Times by His Former Salve Jeff Hamilton by Lenoir Hunt

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I watch a web site from the Texas Archive of the Moving Image. They showed a short 1935 silent newsreel about Mr Jeff Hamilton. He was an impressive person in his own right, with perfect posture and the air of an old time southern Gentleman.

The video mentioned this book, 'My Master', which is an oral history of Mr Hamilton's life as a slave and latter free employee of General Sam Houston. I was happy to find it available here on Amazon.

The book is fascinating. One thing I really enjoyed was the many mental pictures 'Uncle Jeff' provides about the daily life of Texans of all classes back in the mid-nineteenth century. These days it is hard to imagine how primitive and dangerous life was back then, even for the rich and famous.

Mr Hamilton provides vivid first hand accounts of Sam Houston in good times and bad.

It's one thing to read a dry history book. It's another and better thing to hear history from a man who lived it. This book is well written and easy to read.

Highly recommended.
Another excellent book on the history of African-Americans, bond and free, in Huntsville, Texas, who excelled in spite of their circumstances.
Super quick read - short. Not written that great but it's the viewpoint that makes it valuable.
My Master: The Inside Story of Sam Houston and His Times is written by a reporter in 1936 while interviewing Jeff Hamilton the over a hundred year old friend of his former owner, Sam Houston.
Excellent information, enjoyed it, took me back to the days, help me understand general Sam Houston.
Great book. The first ch. title can be a shocker if the time period and terrible situation Jeff Hamilton is in are not taken into consideration . I read this book by myself to summarize it for my class , because of public sensitivity surrounding the slang term . Aside from that - not sure if it was Hamiltons title for the ch. or not. Hamilton explains the life that he led beautifully! Great primary resource, straight from someone who lived it!
Sam Houston was a very compassionate man. This was the most heartwarming book I have ever read. Very enjoyable reading.
I stumbled upon this book at the estate sale of an author of historical fiction. This beats any fiction story! The book covers the life of Jeff Hamilton from his early childhood as a slave through his time as a well-respected member of the community when he was 100 years old. Reading "My Master" is like sitting with Mr. Hamilton and hearing it in his own voice. He meant the book to be a tribute to Sam Houston, but there are two heroes in the story: Sam Houston and Jeff Hamilton.

Houston literally "invested" in Hamilton when he bought him as an act of compassion, but the general went on to invest himself in the mental/spiritual/character development of the youngster. His influence fell on fertile ground, and Jeff matured into a responsible adult who relied on the lessons he learned from Houston for the rest of his life.

Both Houston and Hamilton are great American success stories, but the real beauty of this book is the description of the bond that developed between these two men, based on trust, respect and affection.

Jeff relates episodes of Texas history that that are missing from the textbooks, with vivid descriptions of details only an eye-witness could have known. He tells of poignant family moments, heated arguments in closed-door meetings before the secession of Texas, Houston's special friendship with the Indians, and much more.

Jeff Hamilton and Sam Houston met at a time when slavery permeated all of their environment and culture, and Jeff lived to see it abolished. His unique point of view on history is priceless.

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My Master: The Inside Story of Sam Houston and His Times by His Former Salve Jeff Hamilton
Author: Lenoir Hunt
Title: My Master: The Inside Story of Sam Houston and His Times by His Former Salve Jeff Hamilton