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Cremation of Sam McGee and Other Poems by Robert W. Service

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Originally a bank teller, Robert Services' life changed when he found himself transferred to Whitehorse in the Yukon Territory. Like everybody else, Service was smitten by the gold rush. Only Service mined words, not gold, and within five years was famous as the poet who had captured the essence of the fever, the adventure, the men, and the women. The magic of the words is beautifully captured by award winning Nariken Van Nimwegen.

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This was a poem my Mother would recite to us and about scare us to death. Since her death I have missed this connection. I was thrilled to find the poem in this format. The book is beautiful and I have purchased one for each family member.
I sought this out because, as a kid,I remember my great grandfather reciting poem after poem of Robert Service and many others. The whole family would gather around and listen as he recited one author after another. The Cremation of Sam McGee and the Shooting of Dan McGrew stuck with me all these years. Even though I couldn't remember their names,I had mental images of a man putting another man into a furnace after trekking through the cold and snow and another of a man playing the piano and another man getting shot. (I was quite young the last time I heard these poems.) Finding and reading them as an adult has brought back many memories. I love the flow and rhythm of Service's writing and I can still hear my great grandpa's voice when I read these. I look forward to sharing them with my children.
I remember my grandmother reciting The Cremation of Sam McGee to me when I was a child. This wasn't the only poem that she would recite from memory, but it was my favorite ... and I'm sure I wore her out requesting it again and again.

It's been many years since I've even thought of that poem, but lately I had been trying to remember "that poem about the prospector being cremated." I was able to track down the title and was so pleased to find it at Amazon - along with a few other poems of Robert Service that I had not heard.

It made for a wonderful evening reading through those poems and remembering my child's sense of wonder even as I read them with the eyes of an adult who could appreciate the meter and rhyme scheme. I'm very happy to have re-discovered Robert Service's works (and to have had a grandmother who instilled the love of poetry in me).
One of Service's best loved campfire recitations. Ted Harrison's illustrations are great fun and a good compliment to Service's rhyming verbiage. Although I gave this to my ninety-year old dad, I'd give it to any young fella equally enchanted with the Yukon.
Every since a friend of my father did a dramatic recitation of the Cremation of Sam McGee one winter day in the mid-1950's, I have always thrilled to this wonderful poem of the Yukon ca. 1900 - delightfully improbable tail with great language and lines - moil was suddenly a wonderful discovery. With all the gore and guts of kids movies today, this is a clean fun narrative poem for the younger set. Fabulously colorful illustrations.
This was a favorite poem of my mine as a kid. My grandfather would recite it for us. Harrison's art brings new life to a great memory.
Robert W Service's Canadian classic emboldened with amazing art. Children's classic as long as you don't mind reading to them about a man freezing to death then being burned in a crematorium.
Like songs, there are poems that rattle around in my head on occasion. What fires them off I do not know. One welcome visitor is The Cremation ... . The tempo and the imagery are captivating. Among Service’s best. And among poetry’s most memorable. Thanks.

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Cremation of Sam McGee and Other Poems
Literature & Fiction
Author: Robert W. Service
Title: Cremation of Sam McGee and Other Poems