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Alone (Fearless, No. 22) by Francine Pascal

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They say that you only hurt the ones you love. So I guess that means I can't get hurt. Nobody's close enough to hurt me. And nobody ever will be again.

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The Fearless books have started to leave me frustrated and this one is no exception.
Gaia is still avoiding Ed. Throughout all this Gaia is trying to figure out who the rat is that is telling Loki information about her father. George (from the earlier books) tells Gaia the rat is Natasha. This causes Tatiana to get high and mighty because of course she doesn't believe this. So the two of them come together to do some investigating.
Ed is still avoiding Tatiana since he kissed her in the park. Then when he goes to his physical therepy session the substitute therapist, Lydia, tells Ed that the time has come for him to get rid of his crutches and get to walking.
Josh is falling for Heather even more. And he is hesitant to bring Heather in to take the fear serum. But he brings her in anyway and a completely new Heather imerges, a dangerous one.
This series is starting to make me want to bang my head against a wall. Just get on with it. Kill Loki and let Ed and Gaia get together!
Much like the other reviews, I have to agree with the estimation that in Alone, NOTHING happened. 200 or so pages of tediously prolonged bullcrap. Gaia wrestles with the pitfalls of her existance, nothing is resolved with Ed, Tom and Natasha get dirty in the Cayman Islands, blah, blah, blah, a further waste of vocabulary till a sneek peek at book #23 Fear and you are submitted to rereading all the drivel that occur prior.
AND in how many boringly repetitious methods can Pascal remind us that Gaia is fearless, a muntant freak, a contrary genetic bubble girl immune to fear, a carrier of a disease that kills off everyone who gets close to her.....That is really pissing me off. Pascal needs to learn to stop rewording everything just so to spread her monotonous statements in her next 200 page book for the sake of what little Fearless fans she has left.
Anyways, it was a bonus to read about Ed chucking his crutches off his roof along with this pending self-doubt, a relationship forming between Tatiana and Gaia (nevertheless with Pascal's immeasurable quest of any laudable bond forming in our young title character's life, this is not going to wrap together happily) and the end of George.
Word the the wise, don't waste your money. You'll collect more just by flipping through a few pages in the Young Literature section.
I have told myself to be patient. Told myself that Francine will somehow bring back the excitement in this series, which has pretty much disappeared since book #20. Unfortunately what I got was some more frustrating story lines. Gaia is still avoiding Ed. Nothing new there. All we hear is how she want to be with Ed but can't(very repetitive) Now she is trying to see who is leaking information about her father to Loki. George, her friend and former CIA agent tells her it is Natasha, her new foster mom. Gaia definitely believes him, there is evidence. But Tatiana, Natasha's daughter is out to prove otherwise. As the two of them work together to uncover the truth, a relationship forms between the two of them and each learns something new about the other(of course we know that this friendship will most likely not last, just like Gaia and Heather's short friendship didn't either) When the traitor is finally revealed you won't believe who it is. It makes you want to scream because it another stupid storyline that Francine is throwing at us once again!
Another disappointment was that there was no advance in the Tatiana-Ed-Gaia love triangle. Yeah, Ed has been avoiding Tatiana at all cost so they don't have to discuss the "kiss" they had in the park. One good part is Ed finally gets to walk without his crutches(Yeah!!), after encouragement from his new physical therapist, Lydia, who is kinda a suspicious character. Still Ed and Gaia didn't even have really much conversation in this book and the most interesting storyline, the love triangle, had little to no mention at all!!!
Another total change of character is with Josh(You know characters can't just go from evil to good like this so it is totally frustrating!! It just seems that Francine makes these characters good when she needs them to be good and evil when she needs to kill off a character!!! He has totally changed from the character that killed Sam) Josh has now desperately fallen in love with Heather(UGH!!!!) However Loki wants him to give her the serum that will make her fearless, just like Gaia. Josh of course is undecided on the matter, as is Heather. He fears that once Heather takes the serum she will change to a person he doesn't know, one he doesn't love. Of course bother Josh and Heather make some stupid decisions and Heather does take the serum and the new Heather is very much different....(Why does Heather have to be so jealous of Gaia? COME ON!!!)
Lets just say my patience is wearing thin. Francine please end this series soon. Even if I am desperately hooked on this series the last few have dragged on and the 200 pages practically were a waste. Too much the same thing. When I actrully finished the book I thought did I really find out anything new? Isn't it pretty much like 21? Francine PLEASE just put some SENSE into Gaia. Get her and Ed together once and for all, kill Loki PLEASE!!!! Hopefully Fear is a lot better than Alone. It better be or I really will stop reading this series, even if it used to be my favorite series and I still want to know what happens.
well, there are absolutly no surprises for me in Francine Pascals new fearless book, Alone. It is exactly as I thought it would be; uneventful, boring and a complete waste of time and money just like all the fearless books have been recently. So why did I even bother? I'll tell you. Because somewhere in my far distant memory I remember there was a time when I practically lived for the fearless series. I actually CARED what happened to Gaia and Ed, and all the rest of them. I wanted it all to end perfectly for the characters, for them to find their true loves, beat the bad guys and live happily ever after in their comfortable New York City brownstones. I bought the book because I clung to the memory and hope that Francine Pascal would pull herself together and GET ON WITH IT. But I was disappointed again, and for the last time.
As I try to remember the book now, nothing springs to mind. I remember that Gaia and Ed do not meet at all. I remember that Ed makes some progress in his effort to walk again. I remember that Heather and Josh both make equally stupid decisions and stupid conversation with each other. and of course, there was some of the required Tom/Loki conflict which is so repetitive and degrading that who really cares any more? And thats about it.
I would just like to say that I am extremely disappointed with Francine Pascal's effort with the books. She didn't know a good thing when she had it, and I, for one, very much doubt that I will consider continuing with the series.

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Publisher: Simon Pulse (July 1, 2002)

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Alone (Fearless, No. 22)
Literature & Fiction
Author: Francine Pascal
Title: Alone (Fearless, No. 22)