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Harvest Tales & Midnight Revels: Stories for the Waning of the Year by Michael Mayhew,Mona Caron

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Harvest Tales and Midnight Revels is the surprising and thoroughly entertaining result of a ten-year odyssey of creative play. The 19 stories and poems presented here, along with beautiful original illustrations, were collected over the course of a Halloween story-writing party, thrown by a special community of creative adults, that spanned ten consecutive years. Each is a unique gem of a tale originally read aloud at the party and included in this volume for its readability and tested appeal. Some horrific, some laugh-out-loud funny, some deeply disturbing and grotesque, and others quietly wistful, together they sound an oddly harmonious chorus in response to the initial and ongoing question: What is Halloween?

As an incentive to raise readers' deep creative impulses to action, the Afterword contains suggestions and ideas for starting your own literary Halloween tradition: what we learned by throwing these parties and how you can tap into the waiting creative energies of your community of friends.

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Finally! Someone gets it! Those of us who still love Halloween (the greatest holiday of all) have a treat which allows us to enjoy the darkness of the harvest time and the chill of this wonderful and creepy night. The stories are great and they range all over from funny to very disturbing. This book is perfect for the Halloween lover and even gives ideas how to host an adult Halloween reading party. The stories truly remind adult Halloween lovers how magical and scary their favorite night was and is. This is not your children's Halloween celebration! The stories are all way too much for children and they do their job perfectly. Enjoy a fun Halloween for adults by picking up this book. If you love the fall of the year and especially the Halloween season do yourself a favor and grab this book while you can!
This is a wonderful book. I highly recommend it. The stories are wonderful. They're perfect for a spooky get together. A friend (kind of ) stole my book, so, I bought another. I would buy this book ten times if it meant that I could keep it in my regular rotation. I read it every time Fall rolls around. I read it at my last Halloween party and the guys were appropriately hushed and the girls were hanging onto their guys for fear of their lives..
Although I haven't read the whole book, I have to say I really love the spirit (no pun) that went into creating this book. It is a truly collaborative and creative effort. It is adult material, it will make you look over you shoulder on a moonlit autumn night, it is scary...and most importantly for me, and why I enjoy reading it so much is that it is artful, it is rich and prosaic and it taps into our humanity.
Der Bat
I loved this book! Thank you, Michael Mayhew. This anthology of creative storytelling at it's finest is a journey of laughs and screams through the Halloween season.
I loved the idea of an adult storytelling party, and I am not offended in the least by Mayhew's last chapter that gives detailed instructions on how he does it. Yes, each will add their own touches to make the party their own, but a pattern that works is always a nice feature. Thank you.
I hope there will be future editions.
This was by far one of the best halloween books I've seen this year.Stories like Carrion Bird,Graveyardand The Demon's Wish are greatfor a dark halloween night.Like the author said:Now is the timewhen the veil between worlds is thinnest.So turn down the lights,get a mug of whatever you like to drink tokeep the chill off your bones,and have a haunted Halloween.I hope your skiesare full of leaves.I hope your attic is full of creaks.
I detested this book. There is nothing of Harvest Tales nor Midnight Revels in it, only one nihilistic depressing story after another. There are four poems that were ok and two stories that were ok, the rest was just road kill. The stories are utterly disconnected from the title of the book. I really really do not ever want to go to a party where such tales are read. Bletch.
A demon who will grant your heart's desire in return for a taste of your blood. A legendary trick-or-treater who returns from the grave to help a youngster collect candy. A god of the urban highway who demands human sacrifices. All this and other haunting stories await you in HARVEST TALES AND MIDNIGHT REVELS: STORIES FOR THE WANING OF THE YEAR. These delightfully spine-tingling tales run the gamut of horror and Halloween themes. Some are outrageously humorous, some melancholy, and some frightening, but all of them are designed to bring back the spirit of All Hallows Eve for adults who long to celebrate the holiday as they did in their youth.
This book came about as the result of yearly Halloween parties hosted by the editor and his best friend, parties for which invited guests were requested to bring a holiday-related story they'd written and read it aloud. Many of the guests were (or are still) in some way professionally connected with the literary world, the fine arts, filmmaking, or television, and their talents shine through in these wonderfully crafted tales.
HARVEST TALES AND MIDNIGHT REVELS is one of the best anthologies of Halloween stories to come along in years. Even celebrated sci-fi and fantasy author Piers Anthony calls it "an impressive and original book, with an intriguing history of its own." And famed genre author and scriptwriter Larry Niven says "[these] stories are really good!"
Any lover of Halloween or horror literature who enjoys getting a good set of goose bumps will want to add this book to their library. With HARVEST TALES AND MIDNIGHT REVELS handy, any day of the year can feel like Halloween!
I've read lots of scary books and I have many favorites including the original Dracula by Bram Stoker.Many of Harvest Tales short stories come close to being a classic horror that could hold up over decades the way Mary Shelley and Edgar Allen Poe hold up.....these Harvest Tales especially: A Cross at the End of a Circle and Scooter Tillis and the Bag of Nutritious Snacks, The India Rubber Factory also deserves mentioning as does the poem by Ben Gorman -Promises. There is something for everyone here from yuk, ugh, gore, to mischevious evil pranks. I don't recommend reading -My Dinner with Buck to dinner guests. I heard these guys read about Buck on the radio in San Francisco and I happened to be eating breakfast - read it after eating - way after....it's a great story. That Buck - he always gets his way.....I want that Demon in - A Demon's Wish - just to have in my pocket for awhile.

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Harvest Tales & Midnight Revels: Stories for the Waning of the Year
Literature & Fiction
Author: Michael Mayhew,Mona Caron
Title: Harvest Tales & Midnight Revels: Stories for the Waning of the Year