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Complete Stories of Robert Bloch: Bitter Ends (Complete Stories of Robert Bloch, Volume 2) by Robert Bloch

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I think Robert Bloch is one of the best writers I have every read!
First person is the point of view, from even a crazie's point of view, from the author's point of view to you. Scary at times, but Bloch uses all points of view in his stories from one to the next, whichever is best to scare you.
not up to par, must be early writings
These are not Bloch's complete short stories. Bloch complained in an introduction to Early Fears that the publisher had misrepresented this without his knowledge or permission. This series is a paperback reprint of the 3 volume Selected Stories of Robert Bloch that Underwood-Miller put out in hardback. Early Fears collects his first two volumes of stories (not in this series) where the Lovecraftian influence is stronger. There are also several volumes of later stories not in this series. Aside from the false labeling, however, this is an excellent selection of Bloch's stories over a long period of his career.
someone should tell you what is inside this magic book of wonder and marvel

Water's Edge

The Real Bad Friend

Man With a Hobby

Welcome, Stranger

Terror Over Hollywood

Luck Is No Lady

Crime in Rhyme

The Cure

Sock Finish

Broomstick Ride


Betsy Blake Will Live Forever

Terror in Cut-Throat Cove

Word of Honor

That Old Black Magic

The Deadliest Art

The Screaming People

The Hungry Eye

Show Biz

The Gloating Place

The Man Who Knew Women

The Big Kick

Night School


The Funnel of God

'Til Death Do Us Part

The Show Must Go On

A Matter of Life

Pin-Up Girl

The Baldheaded Mirage

The Masterpiece
The second volume of a three-volume reprint of his short stories. These particular ones were published between 1956 and 1960.
 His stories are short, sharp, mean, fun, heavily ironic, usually (only one exception here) with a surprise ending. These endings naturally are hit or miss, although Bloch didn’t get his reputation by missing often.
He was an excellent craftsman. He got into trouble when he involves his plots in the concerns of 1950’s eggheads. That wasn’t in itself what hurts the story, for he was smarter than the average malcontent of the era and of course he wrote better. His problem was that he still ended these stories with one of his trick endings, which had the literary effect of shooting a bird in flight. (He wrecks one study of abnormal psychology in the same way.)
He was also apparently a true believer in the occult, which inspired his best story. Its flaw: his Hitchcockian coldness kept him from creating characters I cared about, and the story needed them. It was also the one without a surprise.
Although Robert Bloch has come to be treated more as the author of "Psycho" than as anythingh else, his claim to fame is most vehemently supported by his short-stories. Bloch's stories, despite being bound by the usual limitations of the pulps (inadequate remunerations forcing even creative brains to go barren after over-production to meet the various deadlines, themes that would cause shudders, gross neglect by the blue-blooded intellectuals and critics, lack of enthusiasm among editors to give the short-stories a more durable resting place in hardcover format), never got bogged down. His genius lay in creating something terrific as well as terrifying within a few pages, no matter how many times he covers the same ground. Five stars for the stories, but not so for the edition in question, since it fails to give any editorial information about the stories and their creator, apart from listing the sources.
Despite being famous for the film adaptation of a single novel, Robert Bloch's greatest contributions to genre literature were arguably in the short story format. Whether he was writing for the pulps or the slick professional magazines, Bloch could be counted on delivering a unique and addictive blend of twisted shock and sarcastic black humor. Each of these 'Complete Stories of' volumes, of which Bitter Ends is the second of three, are pretty much required in any genre fans library. Highly recommended.

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Complete Stories of Robert Bloch: Bitter Ends (Complete Stories of Robert Bloch, Volume 2)
Literature & Fiction
Author: Robert Bloch
Title: Complete Stories of Robert Bloch: Bitter Ends (Complete Stories of Robert Bloch, Volume 2)