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A dazzling debut novel about redemption, war, and the ties that hold families together It is 1957 and—after the death of her husband—pianist Ilona Talivaldis and her nine-year-old daughter Zidra travel to the remote coastal town of Jingera in New South Wales. Ilona, a concentration camp survivor from Latvia, is searching for peace and an opportunity to start anew. In her beautiful vine-covered cottage on the edge of the lagoon, she plans to set herself up as a piano teacher. The weeks pass, and slowly mother and daughter get to know the  townsfolk—including kind-hearted butcher George Cadwallader who is forever gazing at the stars; his son Jim, a boy wise beyond his years; Peter Vincent, a former wartime pilot and POW; and Cherry Bates, the publican's wife who is about to make a horrifying discovery. It's quickly apparent that Jingera is not quite the utopia Ilona imagined it to be—a discovery that may force her to risk the one thing she holds dear.

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The book is well written, and it is obvious that the author is familiar with the area where the action takes place. Although the focus is on the main characters, Ilona and Zidra, there are many other characters and sub-plots, which help to make the novel an enjoyable and interesting experience. A number of issues are presented via the different characters and the events in which they are involved. The author does not attempt to give solutions to problems such as the assimilation of refugees and aborigines or even the abuse of children - issues which, in the 1950s, were possibly not as much in the forefront as they are today - but gives the reader something to think about after he/she has finished the novel. An interesting read made all the more satisfying by the knowledge that it is followed by a sequel, Indigo Sky.
I bought the novel Stillwater Creek just before a long-haul flight, and was utterly enthralled by it. Beautifully written, it's an engrossing read, with brilliant characterization and deep insights. The book is cleverly constructed around the lives of a number of very different individuals, and is based not only on dexterous plotting but also on insightful character development and subtle humor. The descriptive writing is deeply evocative, and the book would make a marvelous movie, as well as being a great read. It's one of those rare books that you can't stop reading, even though you don't want it to end.
The blurb on the back of the book states that Stillwater Creek is an unforgettable, heart-warming novel about love and loss, betrayal and hope, and they've got it right - I loved it.
This book presents stories of a diverse group of people living in a small town in rural Australia. The images of the town painted by the author makes the landscape and characters palpable. The issues dealt with involve themes common to all societies - such as growing up and relationships. However, there are a lot of topics that are specific to that area and time in Australia; as highlighted in the Amazon Product description above.

The book was an enjoyable read and not the typical book that I purchase or come across. I would recommend it strongly to someone looking for an easy read and who wants to be exposed to a time period in a country that is not usually featured in literature.
I bought "Stillwater Creek" after having borrowed, on a whim, "Indigo Sky" from the local library and finding it was the second of a trilogy.
The first, "Stillwater Creek" provided a good introduction to characters and to themes of the novels. It explores the experience of refugees in small country towns of Australia, displacement of Aboriginal people, the removal of Aboriginal children from their families, homosexuality and the insidious entrapment techniques used by adults with a sexual attraction to children. Overall, the book provides a balance between the general acceptance of social wrongs and, on the other hand, an optimistic view of life's possibilities.

ISBN: 1741669316

Rating: 4.6/5

Votes: 820

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ISBN13: 978-1741669312

Publisher: Random House Australia (January 1, 2010)

Language: English

Subcategory: Genre Fiction

Pages: 368

Stillwater Creek
Literature & Fiction
Author: Alison Booth
Title: Stillwater Creek