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Traveling with a new name and a new face, Wade Holden, the triggerman responsible for the fall of the notorious Simm Bell gang, rides far and wide, carving out the life of a feared and respected gunman. Reprint.

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If there is a negative in this book, it is not the fault of the author, it is in whoever set the type for this e-book. Typos are crazy bad. That said, now about the story: fantastic! Zane Grey noted how many people were part of outlaw bands, and when the leader was killed or captured, some individuals seemed to disappear forever. Basing this story on the fictitious future of one real life character, he molds a "what if" conversation into a story of villain to hero. Wade Holden was a young Texas gunslinger for a bank robbing gang that managed to be the only one to escape after a robbery that went bad. With Texas Rangers on his trail he manages to escape with the help of a young girl who hides him until danger passes. Going from place to place, under a different alias each time, and undertaking legal work at each place, he manages to outrun his past to Arizona where he is battling rustlers for a family and an untarnished reputation under the name of Tex Brandon. Always likely to run into someone who might recognize him he is forever in the shadow of his past.
This has become one of my favorite of Zane Grey's novels. A teenager... desperado and gunman more by other than choice, goes on the run after his band gets run down by the Texas Rangers. Through the ensuing years, always looking over his shoulder and a step-and-a-half in front of the long memory of the Rangers still in pursuit, our unlikely hero finds himself fighting for right over might and dishonor. He's haunted by the past. He fears his new friends will hate him should they somehow find out his true identity. He knows he'll get his comeuppance. Zane Grey's romantic depiction of the southwest, the settler's wagon trains, regional dialect, cattle drives and rustlers, the desolation and weather, the law and the lawless is unparalleled. "Shadow on the Trail" is one fast paced, interesting tale.
As a child, I would spend much of the summer at my grandparents' house. This little gem was a part of my grandfather's library. Having it for my own brings back those days. It seems to be one of the least available Zane Grey titles and I'm not sure why. It's the story of a young outlaw pulled into a life of crime by an outlaw father and a terrible skill with a gun. When he first leaves that life, he is rescued from rangers by a girl and begins his road to redemption. He later has a chance to repay that debt and in the process redeems and entire range. It's a wonderful book to curl up with under a tree or sitting on a porch swing.
Grey is quite the wordsmith. He can make a scene live as though you are a silent observer. We need more western writers like him.
This is a great story of redemption and grace. Overcoming a series of Life events that could have caused Wades life to end badly. Instead he found love and clarity about what life is all about. My only criticism are the typos throughout this story. It needs to be edited and cleaned up!
I enjoyed the writing he way the writer tried to give the sense of the time
And the constant pain in the main character
The Rollers of Vildar
If you like Zane Grey you were love this book. The old masters can certainly spend a tale. The good guy gets the girl and defeats the bad guy.
I've always loved Zane Grey westerns. They have lots of romance and drama and beautiful scenery. Darnell Clevenger

ISBN: 006100443X

Rating: 4.3/5

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ISBN13: 978-0061004438

Publisher: HarperCollins; Reprint edition (August 1, 1992)

Language: English

Subcategory: Genre Fiction

Pages: 352

Shadow on the Trail
Literature & Fiction
Author: Zane Grey
Title: Shadow on the Trail