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Dear Reader,

Welcome to the world of Jamie Swift and Max Holt! My good friend Charlotte Hughes and I have teamed up to create a series of books featuring these two characters and they've taken on a life of their own! These books are not set in the same world as my Stephanie Plum novels, but what they have in common is lovable, dysfunctional characters, villains you love to hate, and a cross-eyed way of looking at life. Jamie and Max have intense chemistry-even though they drive each other crazy. Max thinks Jamie is a magnet for trouble and Jamie thinks Max is the most annoyingly sexy, mysterious man she's ever met. She knows she should stay away from him. But boy, oh boy, do the sparks fly when they get together. Jamie is a newspaper owner from a small southern town. And in Full Speed, she's after the story of a lifetime. Max Holt is right in the middle of that story, and so Jamie tracks down the millionaire playboy, forcing him to take her on as partner. What follows is a story of a corrupt minister, a gang of mobsters on the loose, a hound dog called Fleas, a wise-cracking computer genius, and lots of love in the fast lane. Not to mention plenty of steamy action between Jamie and Max.

So have fun with Full Speed. We're going to sign off now and get back to creating more romantic adventures between Jamie Swift and Max Holt. Enjoy and happy reading!

Janet and Charlotte

Reviews (7)
I have read so many negative reviews about Full Speed and I have to ask this question. Maybe its a question of taste and what readers prefer. I am a diehard romantic who prefers to read books with romantic banter, that include mystery and adventure, and the full series fits the bill. I have read Plum and in all honesty I got tired of it half way through the eighth book, guess its not my cup of tea, although, I know that many do like it, to each his own. However, for me I prefer the Full Series and Full Speed is a great installment to this series. Some have complained that there were too many interrupted romantic interludes between Max and Jamie in this one, but I think their relationship is right on course, after all this is only the second book, I hear things heat up in the third installment, I can't wait. Frankly, it comes down to this if you like a romantic mystery with a little quirkiness the Full series is for you, however, if you prefer a whole lot of quirkiness, a whole lot of mishaps, more mystery and a little romance thrown in for good measure then you would probably prefer the Plum series, these series are very different and should not be compared to each other even if they are written by the same author. Personally I prefer the Full Series and Full Speed was a great installment for this series.
Very disappointed in this book. I don’t need someone to explain the story, I need someone who tells the story through the actions. The story starts in a bad place where all the backstory has to be told and it’s very boring.
Like all Janet Evanovich's work, (at least all that I have read) this is a light hearted read.
Not quite so frantic or all out funny as her Stephanie Plum series, but very enjoyable.
I realized after I had bought this that I have read the 1st and 3rd stories in this series, but that did not really impact on this story, other than to know that the couple go on to have more adventures.
Personally, I can not come to grips with a heroine who does so many dopey things as the heroine in this story. My memory is that she sorts herself out by the next story, thank goodness but just the same it was an entertaining read.
I would like to suggest that Evanovich did not write any of these "Full" series books. I can't honestly do that, but I would bet that while she may have used an editorial blue pencil once in a while, and tossed in a para or two, she didn't have much to do with any of them. The characters are typical of those imagined by a teen-ager dreaming of a rich knight in shining half-million dollar automobiles and of being the gorgeous girl who finally traps this knight. The plots are clumsily contrived, the humor amateurish and the series overall is definitely not worthy of having her authorship.
Evanovich is a skilled humorist who reminds me a great deal of the wonderful writer-humorist Thorne Smith. Smith wrote the Topper novels, Turnabout, and several others which, like Janet's, could crack the reader up with their ridiculous hilarity. There's no sign of that here.
Janet Evanovich has her name associated with some of the cleverest and funniest books I've ever read.
This was not one of them
I got my books mixed up on people in the books. In Full Speed is Jamie and Max. Full Scoop is Maggie. Sorry!!! They are all so good. Love them all. Feel good books.
Although this didn't make me laugh the way Janet's solo books do it was a nice easy read. I will have this entire series on my Kindle by tomorrow and continue to purchase them when they come out just as I've done with the Plum series. I'm a books day person who enjoys many genres but Janet Evanovich has supplied me with "laugh until you cry" moments with many of her books. We all need humor in our lives.
Nice easy read true to Janet Evanovich's style. She is definitely one of my favorite! Can't wait to read the rest of the series!
Almost every book of Janet Evanovich is a hit with me. My husband gets control of the TV at night so that is when I read. Ms. Evanovich's books make the time go by so fast. Love love love them.

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Full Speed (Full Series)
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Author: Janet Evanovich
Title: Full Speed (Full Series)