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Book by Cameron, Stella

Reviews (7)
I'm new to Stella Cameron's books. However, in this series I really enjoyed the first 2 books and was very excited about Sykes' story coming out. What a disappointment! This book was awful. The dialogue didn't even flow correctly and the whole story seemed rushed. I spent more time re-reading passages to make sure I had read it right and was very unhappy with the grammical mistakes. Who editted this book? They need to go back and take a basic English course!

Sykes and Poppy, the main characters, weren't fully developed and their story just seemed to be thrown together. The story left more questions than answers. I'll re-read the first 2 books in this series but I'm not sure about this one.

This was a real disappointment and I'm sad to say that the conclusion to this triology really didn't make much sense. It's not worth the time it took to read it. Sorry Ms. Cameron, I really, really enjoyed the first 2 books in this series. What happened with this one?
A Grave Mistake introduced a lot of characters but kept me wondering what would happen next. I really enjoyed this book and can't wait to read the next book by Stella Cameron.
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I really enjoyed this book. I liked the whole series. I think I missed the first one and I hope I will be able to get it. I recommend this book.
Great story but a bit convoluted. It's taken me a couple of books to get used to Stella Cameron's writing style.
Very pleased with purchase!
I thought this book was just ok. Probably my biggest issue was the characters. First of all, the two main characters (Jilly and Guy) are, at best, boring. Guy wasn't painted with much complexity. He does have this angst about his dead girlfriend, which is understandable, but I would have liked to see that explored a bit more. He is always going on about saying the wrong thing (though I didn't think anything he said was all that rude or thoughtless!), and he's constantly worried about Jilly being mad at him. Why? Because she's ridiculously oversensitive! She gets upset about every little thing, and jumps down his throat when he points out her stupidity. And she does act pretty stupid. She puts herself in danger, refuses to take things seriously even when she feels uncomfortable and frightened, and she doesn't have much respect for the fact that Guy is attempting to help with a genuine murder investigation--he's not doing this all just to annoy Jilly! There aren't many serious, real life conversations between Jilly and Guy. The secondary characters are largely boring too. It's unique to get to know the villains a bit more in this book (including some mildly graphic BDSM scenes), but most of the side characters were just quick sketches with no real depth. There were quite a few chapters that were totally about people other than the main characters too, which I found distracting--Cyrus/Madge, Homer/Charlotte, Spike/Vivian, Laura/Wes, Laura/Mr Preston, Cyrus/Jolene/Ken, etc. To me they just made the story longer! If you don't have time to really explore a character's story in depth, don't write it. Focus on the main relationships instead. I found myself skipping over chapters when I could tell they were tangential. And there were even more characters that are basically wallpaper and not part of the plot at all. I honestly couldn't remember who many of them were by the end, which was frustrating.

I did enjoy the setting, and there were some good plot twists. The sex scenes were steamy, though it did bother me that in a couple of scenes the action jumped around. People would be all hot and heavy and then in the next paragraph they'd be done, just like that. (Reminded me of Seinfield's "yada yada" episode!) For me, this was maybe a slightly-below-average but not terrible read.
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New Orleans homicide detective Guy Gautreaux is called back from a leave of absence after his last case to investigate a murder in Toussaint. This particular case doesn't seem all that unusual enough to bring him back, but the more he investigates, the deeper he realizes the trail leads.

Jilly Gable owns bakery where the latest murder has occurred and she needs answers. In the midst of the investigation, Jilly is trying to strengthen her family ties and reunite with the mother her abandoned her as a child. But when a "shaving accident" nearly kills her mother, things in Toussaint grow even stranger.

Jilly and Guy must work together to stay safe and get to the bottom of the mystery but the newly developing relationship between them adds even more danger to Jilly's life.

I had such a hard time even finishing A Grave Mistake. I've come to the conclusion that Stella Cameron's writing style just isn't for me. It certainly doesn't help that I was so confused throughout the entire novel I didn't have a clue what was happening with which characters in the various interwoven storylines. I was wandering aimlessly through the mystery until suddenly in the last few chapters everything falls perfectly into place... too perfectly if you ask me. Then there is the added problem that a couple of the characters I could never remember which was which! They just weren't unique enough individuals for me and I kept blurring who was who.

I also had a very hard time buying into the reality of some of what unfolded. The biggest issue I had here was with Edith Preston's (Jilly's mother) accident. An attempted murder gone awry left her passed out drunk on a bed with razors sticking out of her arms. (No this isn't a spoiler since it happens almost immediately in the book.) How the attempted murder is passed off to the town? As a shaving accident so people wouldn't think it was a suicide attempt. Come on now, give me a break! The exact circumstances in which she is found are ridiculous to the extreme that someone would believe she was shaving her legs and her hand slipped. This just started me into this story with such an air of disbelief that here is where my ability to get engrossed in the novel vanished.

To be honest there is only one redeeming feature of the entire book for me. There is a very poignant storyline involving the local priest and his housekeeper that brought tears to my eyes over the beauty of the emotions surrounding them. Their story is so heartbreakingly tender and bittersweet. This plotline is the only reason this book was not an utter wall banger for me. I found myself continuing A Grave Mistake to find out how their story would resolve itself far more than for our fearless lead couple Jilly and Guy.

Unfortunately, Alyson Silverman, in my opinion, was not the right choice for a narrator for A Grave Mistake. This is a dark thriller of a story and her voice is too young and soft to really portray the right mood with her performance. Don't get me wrong, Silverman is a very good narrator and I have enjoyed her voice on other audio books. Her voice just seems more suited to lighter works than this book is.

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Rating: 4.7/5

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Publisher: Center Point Pub (January 1, 2006)

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A Grave Mistake
Literature & Fiction
Author: Stella Cameron
Title: A Grave Mistake