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Liberation Day (A Nick Stone Mission) by Andy McNab

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Not McNab's best. While his anti-hero Nick Stone gets the job done as usual, and does the right thing, and as usual gets the $$*(# kicked out of him in the process, the book is the first in this series that I found almost...boring.

This one is largely set in the south of France, with interesting descriptions of the ethnic ghettos there. Most of the action is at the start and finish, with the middle 80% being what is likely a reasonable and accurate description of surveillance operations, but comes across as repetitive and boring-- endless radio checks, verbal repetitions of mission objections to drill them into the operatives heads, etc.

If you're reading the whole series, it's not bad enough to skip this one, but if I wasn't a fan I'd pass on this one.
McNab writes a good book. I'd have given it
4 1/2 stars but you can't do that. My ONLY issue with his writing is the excruciating detail that he seems to love to go into. My preference would be less detail and more dialogue/action. Having ranted that, I do enjoy his books. It's fun to read about how the SAS would do things vs. US forces.
I have just discovered Andy McNab and after reading his two non-fiction books started in on the Nick Stone series. I've read them one after another and have loved them. I almost didn't get Liberation Day after reading some of the reviews here, but I'm glad I did. If you want constant shoot-em-up action this is not the book for you, but if you like a book that tells it like it is, and makes you feel like you are right there, this is it. I found it highly suspenseful. Andy McNab can really write a book. I hope that there are many more Nick Stone missions on the way.
"Click Click" etc. A very long book. As always, I want to try to put myself into a likable attitude about the words developed to make each chapter dedicated to the reader. I had a very hard to do so.
This was an average adventure story. I found something missing from this story, not being able to put my finger on what it missed, made it average for me.
I've been a great fan of McNab's books, but I bought this one from Amazon several months ago and I still haven't finished it.
Unlike previous McNab novels, this one just isn't as gripping and there really isn't anything great to say about it. It's not bad, but I think even existing fans of the Nick Stone series will, like myself struggle to enjoy this.
I await the next McNab book with concern.
Musical Aura Island
Great price
McNab stays true to form and gives you another thrilling story. I struggled to put the book down when i first startded reading.

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Publisher: Atria Books (2003)

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Liberation Day (A Nick Stone Mission)
Literature & Fiction
Author: Andy McNab
Title: Liberation Day (A Nick Stone Mission)