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I have always heard so much about 'Flowers in the Attic' and I never quite understood what the hoopla was all about, that is. . .until I read the book. OMG, this is one of those stories where you don't want to believe that something like this could ever occur to four innocent children, but occur it did and with one humongous impact!

Brother and sister, Chris and Cathy, started out with the perfect life--A loving father, a doting and caring mother--they never needed or wanted for anything. All was good in the Dollanganger home and then to add to their ever loving family, a set of twins were born, Cory and Carrie. Four lovely children the neighbors penned as the 'Dresden Dolls'. Their father was a traveling salesman and he made it a point to come home every weekend to spend time with his family. He loved them more than life itself, until a tragic accident changed the lives of the entire family forever!

As a result of this tragedy, their mother had no choice but to pack up what was left to her family and head to Virginia where her parents lived. The children had never met their maternal grandparents and knew nothing about her, but what they soon learned would drastically change them physically and mentally for the rest of their lives.

Death has a way of opening up the eyes of those who are left to grieve. What we once perceive as one way, quickly can turn to something else, which the Dollanganger children unfortunately learned. The abuse they suffered being locked away up in a huge attic with a sadistic grandmother who never knew love which was a tragedy in and of itself. The two eldest children, Chris and Cathy, discovered horrible secrets their only existence soon told and were left dumbfounded by the mother they adored so much, to find out she wasn't quite the 'Momma' they thought her to be. Talk about having to grow up overnight is an understatement.

This story will take you on an emotional roller coaster in which the reader soon wants to disembark. There was plenty of thrills, but not in a fun and loving way. This classic definitely lived up to all the hype and more! Simply outstanding read. I've never read anything more eloquently told. If you haven't read this one, you most certainly should add it to your reading list.

Now that I've read the book, I must see if the movie lives up to what my mind's eye helped me to view? Hmm, probably not!
I read this book for the first time when I was 13. To this day, I still feel this is one of the most heart breaking stories I've ever read. Andrews creates such gloomy stories where, even as the reader, you can't help but keep hope alive. This entire series is worth reading at least once.
It's V.C. Andrews. It's a soap opera in paperback form, complete with skeletons in closets and some dirty dealings where family members are concerned. These books are my guilty pleasure; sometimes you want serious literature, sometimes you want straight up smut. This is most certainly simple, escapist smut, a story of a family who has everything bad under the sun happen to them.

I first read this as a teenager and found it titillating and I'm pretty sure it began the loss of my innocence. Now as an adult, I go back to it and a few other VC Andrews novels when I need to take a break from the real world for a while and put my personal issues in perspective. If you're looking for some thought provoking, profound, even well-written literature, this is not for you. But if you're looking for the reading equivalent of junk food, this is it.
Such a great book. Usually all I read is fantasy and oil went on to try something new and was not disappointed. I've seen the 1980s version of the movie and I know that the movies never really keep up entirely with the book. And I've read prior that this book was controversial because of the relationship with Chris and Cathy. Still despite that it was one of those books I couldn't put down. You suffer along with the four children who are prisoners in that house. You also want vengeance on the woman who put them there and slowly tried to kill them. Then to top it off this book is a series. So I'll need to jump to the next book to see what happens with them.
Didn't like it, but had to finish to see how it ended. I'ts such a strange book, I'm uncertain about the author's writing skills. The parts I did like were how imaginative the author was in the activities that kept the children busy. I hope someone can help me see the good in this story.
A wonderfully creepy story. I bought this book after reading a summary of the movie, of the same title, that was being made. This book could have been a fantastic movie if it weren't for Lifetime (or Hallmark or whatever whitewashed network it was on) completely destroying the core aspects of the plot. The acting/directing was terrible too.

The book is a gritty portrayal of generational abuse among high society. None of the adults in the book are likeable and the children are a weak product of the emotional and physical abuse they sustain throughout the film. Tragic while still being whimsical. Incestual while still being endearing. While we read we want to believe that if the same were to happen to us, we wouldn't allow it. But that's kind of the point. It didn't happen to us and if it did we likely wouldn't do anything differently because we wouldn't know any better.
A very happy mother, father and their 4 children have their idyllic lives shattered when the father suddenly dies leaving them heavily in debt. The mother whisks the children away in the middle of the night with only what they can carry & steals them away to a veritable castle in the countryside of Virginia where the children are all placed in a room with attic access supposedly for only a night or two - just until their mother can reacquaint herself with her elderly, sick and unforgiving father. A couple of nights turn into years with visits from their adored mother becoming fewer and fewer until she stops coming at all leaving the children at the mercy of their grandmother, a religious zealot who hated their father, disapproved of their mother and felt the children were creations of Satan. After much mental & physical abuse & torture, the children are able to escape their attic prison....or most of them anyway....but will they be able to put the horrors of the attic behind them? Will those experiences ruin their futures? Will history repeat itself? Hmmm

ISBN: 067143599X

Rating: 4.5/5

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ISBN13: 978-0671435998

Publisher: Pocket (April 3, 1981)

Language: English

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Flowers in Attic
Literature & Fiction
Author: Virginia andrews
Title: Flowers in Attic