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Reviews (7)
I've liked the James Herbert books I've read before, but this one reminds of a puzzle where the pieces never fit together. It's sort-of bad Edgar Allan Poe with a few total impossibilities thrown in. David Ash, psychic investigator who does not believe in ghosts or hauntings, is called in to investigate the haunting of Edbrook House -- the huge archetypical country heap which normally fits in so well in stories of ghosties. But anyone who has ever probed into parapsychology (non-fiction!) or life after death stories will be put off by the total impossibilities in this story. I did persist until the end, because I was curious if the story will become more credible as it went on. Alas, not: it became more and more ridiculous.

I gave it 2 stars even though I only read on to find out what new horror or haunting will emerge, and to find out if the story will ever become even slightly believable. But in the end it all becomes simply too much to stomach. Also, the style does not "flow" -- much as happens with debut writers -- and this is unexpected from an experienced writer like Herbert. In the end it is a massive overkill of descriptions of horror, terror, ghosts, whatever.

I see it is the first in a series of three about David Ash, psychic investigator. It's highly doubtful that I'll read the next two. Even David Ash is not a rounded character nor very lovable. No, I like ghostly tales for adults, but this one fell wide of the mark.
This book starts out a little slow, and the protagonist is, to me, but it picks up the pace quickly. This is a truly scary book, and the scares just keep on coming. Don’t want to spoil it for you, but if you like horror fiction, these books are horrifying, with minimal foul language, and a huge twist (that is the most scary and horrible) just before the end. If you like Stephen King, you’ll love James Herbert. So start reading already!
I had already seen the movie with Aiden Quinn and Kate Beckinsale. This was probably one of the scariest movies I have seen since Jacob's Ladder. The actors were perfectly type-cast for their roles. Ok, about the book. The book both exceeded my expectations, but I was a little disappointed too. An earlier review warns you not to see the movie before reading the book. I think she is right. Movies rarely copy books they are based on and often add extra scenes or twists to the plot to enhance the movie. Therefore, the reader may be a little disappointed that the book does not contain these extra twists.

Still, James Herbert is excellent at creating suspense and leaving you hanging. I think he far outranks Stephen King as the new chills and thrills writer. I look forward to reading more of his novels.
"Haunted" is an easy, enjoyable read - I read it in less than a day. I ordered the book after being disappointed with the 1995 movie, which I felt was a good story, but not well-developed and inconsistent on several plot points. The book does not disappoint. The story is logical and consistent throughout, and does not leaving you wondering why the characters do what they did instead of something simpler.

The story concerns a man, a skeptic, who investigates reports of paranormal activity for a reputable research institute. He, himself, is haunted by memories of the childhood death of his sister - giving a double meaning to the title. He is investigating reports of a ghost haunting a large, remote house in rural England. Some readers have been troubled by the fact that the investigator is willing to believe in some paranormal phenomena but not others; I did not find this a problem.

This was my first James Herbert novel, and I will probably be reading more. Recommended.
I liked the premise of this book, but near the end, it seemed that Herbert had gotten tired of the characters. While there is an ending that satisfies the idea of almost all characters being resolved, there was still a feeling that some more things could have happened to make the book feel wholly complete. David Ash is an intriguing main character, and Herbert involved him in at least two more books, but I just found the whole thing unsatisfying as eating a cookie in which much of the sugar has been left out.
Having read the book and watched the movie, I have to wonder if those involved making the movie even read the book. With all the changes they made with regards to the book, one wonders why they bothered with the book at all...they changed so many important things...the main thing being the relationship between David Ash and his sister. I realize Hollywood always "adds to and takes away" when making movies from books...but what they did with Haunted was just too much. The movie is good on it's own (they could have left out the graphic sex scene..not needed)but the book is much, much better.

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Rating: 4.8/5

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Publisher: PAN; First THUS edition (1989)

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Author: James Herbert
Title: Haunted