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Sharpe's Revenge: Richard Sharpe & the Peace of 1814 (Richard Sharpe's Adventure Series #19) by Bernard Cornwell

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It is 1814 and the defeat of Napolean seems imminent - if the well-protected city of Toulouse can be conquered. For Richard Sharpe, the battle turns out to be one of the bloodiest of the Peninsula Wars, and he must draw on his last reserves of strength to lead his troops to victory. But before Sharpe can lay down his sword, he must fight a different sort of battle. Accused of stealing Napolean's personal treasure, Sharpe escapes from a British military court and embarks on the battle of his life - armed only with the unflinching resolve to protect his honor.

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This story has twists and turns and it takes you through quite a range of people, places and action. I think this is truly the best of the series up to this point. I found myself hoping things would finally go well for Sharpe but Cornwell is the author and Sharpe is the main character so, not likely. There is much more travel in this book than most of the others, France (multiple cities), England, Piedmont, The Italian States, Naples, Belgium and it all makes sense. You'll find pain, suffering, love won, love lost, enemies, friends (which is which), treachery, politics and even the occasional party. I think Cornwell is a master storyteller and I'm a fan of his writing. He does his homework and then manages to weave a work of fiction into actual event so seamlessly that you have to ask which is history and which is fiction. I highly recommend Sharpe's Revenge. I also recommend you start at the beginning with Sharpe's Tiger and read the entire series all the way through. It is a few hours of inexpensive entertainment.
Sharpe is an engaging character, a professional soldier, raised in the slums of London, rising from the nameless ranks to become an officer, after saving the life of Gen Wellesley, later the Duke of Wellington, and then by interferes professionalism is ladder promotions continue. Always is considered an outsider by the aristocratic, the wealthy, and the powerfully narcissistic senior officers. Bernard Cornwall describes this tale of sharps adventures is one he enjoyed most. It results with class conflict, engagement with American privateers, bloodied battles to defend useless French forts, and finally after being accused of a crime he of course did not commit.
Bloody escapism, with a dash of British snobbery, heroism and the reverse, fluctuating ethical standards, and even the most curious of love relationships, which help to restore some sanity to a troubled hero. Likely author, I agree this is one of the best of the series.
In this penultimate installment - considering "Waterloo" to be the ultimate, which it is, although not the last - Sharpe and Harper fight one last battle in France, at Toulouse, only to find that peace has broken out with Napoleon's abdication and exile to Elba. But as the troops and their wives head for home, they are accused, in an intricate plot engineered by French archspy Pierre Ducos, of the theft of the French royalty's private emergency fortune, which Ducos himself has actually taken.

Sharpe, Harper and Frederickson, under arrest, escape and go searching for evidence to clear their names, a trail which takes them in search of the French commandant of the fort they took in "Sharpe's Siege". They must make their way as wanted men across a France full of robbers and thieves, peace notwithstanding. Sharpe's wife Jane meanwhile heads back to England with his fortune to buy them a house - the Dorset farm that Sharpe dreams of, or the smart London townhouse that Jane wants? - but all is not peaceful on that front either.
Dancing Lion
While this book may not have as,many battles as some of Sharpes earlier adventures that does not Martha life if safe for Sharpe or Harper.

The ghosts of old victories rears in the form of Pierre Ducks, who having failed to get his vengeance during the war now seeks it after.

The only bad thing is that I am nearing the end of this series. Guess I'll have to start over.
I read this series, start to finish. Chronological order. Every book is excellent . the story in full is excellent.
All winter, rainy days, fireplace, coffee, cookies. Great time spent with wonderful characters, good and bad.
The stories built into history lessons were just masterful.
Sorry, Do to so many read, I am copying one review for all. Singularly or Collectively, you can not go wrong with Bernard Cornwell.
I am not a historian of any knife, but Cornwell's characters and events bring an era to life for me. I like Richard Sharpe, the ever human and heroic protagonist and I appreciate the unique vocabulary of his time and place. I will continue to read the Sharpe series. This book fell in line and didn't disappoint.
A very good ending to the series. I enjoy the surprise events in the story line..This book as well as all of Bernard Cornwell's Sharp's books are based upon historical facts.
Sharpe's Revenge, like all the Richard Sharpe series is a great read. Each book in the Sharpe series is centered around a battle in the Napoleonic Wars or Wellington's India campaign. Bernard Cornwell is the best writer of historical fiction today. If you are adverse to blood and guts, this is not the book for you, otherwise it is a great read.

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Sharpe's Revenge: Richard Sharpe & the Peace of 1814 (Richard Sharpe's Adventure Series #19)
Literature & Fiction
Author: Bernard Cornwell
Title: Sharpe's Revenge: Richard Sharpe & the Peace of 1814 (Richard Sharpe's Adventure Series #19)