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Runaways (Orphans Series) by V.C. Andrews

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Running away from their nightmarish foster home, orphans Brooke, Crystal, Raven, and Butterfly take to the highway in pursuit of their dreams but find themselves vulnerable in new ways

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You may want to read the four books about each of the girls in this book before reading this, although I did read this novel first.
In a place where girls are casted aside, too old and unwanted for adoption, the place where these four girls end up seems to be one of the bad ones. I found myself hating what they were subjected to and rooting as they plotted, then escaped for freedom. Their journey to find the elusive freedom and themselves is undesirable. As a reader, you get caught up right with them, living through their pain, feeling their happiness, cheering them on and groaning with their failures or disappointments. It is a seemingly realistic book to a point, although I have never been in any such situation and it is a book that I highly recommend.
Runaways is the fifth novel in the Orphans series, and the only full length one. It is narrated by Brooke. The girls have become friends after arriving very close in time to each other at the once upon a time resort turned foster home run by Louis and Gordon Tooey. Gordon, however, is a monster, sort of a Uncle Reubenesqe figure. All of the girls live in fear of him.
So, they come up with a plan to escape, with involves stealing the station wagon owned by Gordon and Louise, which they later find cocaine beneath the seat of. On the way to California to look for Brooke's absentee mother, they are robbed by a fellow runaway and Brooke and Raven fall in love, one with a decent guy. There is a pregnancy scare and in the end, Gordon gets them. They manage to run away again, and this time, they run out of gas on an Indian reservation and finally get some help, and even a home for Butterfly.
This book was really good. It really made me like the rest of the series, despite the metaphors and dialogue that didn't seem even close to realistic. There is something about the four girls that makes them human and worth reading about, that the Wildflowers series didn't have. Maybe they just needed a station wagon. Anyway, give this a go. And if you like it, try and read the four girls stories.
This book, the last in this series, is all about love and devotion between four girls who are the most unlikely friends. Their devotion to one another is so touching and it goes to show, that blood is not always thicker than water!! Friendship and sisterhood is thicker many times. We just need to stop and listen and really hear what's in someone's heart to find a reflection of one's own dreams and desires of the heart!! I laughed and cried throughout the whole five-book series. Don't miss this series. It will provoke thoughts, feelings and desires within your own heart!!!! S. Harman
Love the author
Fav. Authur
This volume is the only full-length title in the series ... the first book left me unsatisfied, the second let me realize more was coming, and this one pulls the other four together. There are many twist, sweet moments, and finally a comfortable conclusion.
My grandmother loves these.

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Rating: 4.7/5

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ISBN13: 978-0671007621

Publisher: Atria (November 1, 1998)

Language: English

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Pages: 352

Runaways (Orphans Series)
Literature & Fiction
Author: V.C. Andrews
Title: Runaways (Orphans Series)