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Dance to the Piper (The O'Hurleys Series) by Nora Roberts,Marie Caliendo

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They both knew what would happen….

She moved in perfect harmony to the music that ruled her life both onstage and off. He dealt with the world with ruthless expertise. Music was his business and he was all business. That is until she lit up the stage.

The attraction was instant…and impossible.

Because he ruled his empire from glass towers high above the vibrancy of her world, and coming too close to hers was risky business. But she was a woman who dared to dream, and she had dreams big enough for them both.

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This is such a great book, that I look forward to going back and reading these stories again like some that I already have, and I am impatient to read the rest of Nora Roberts' stories right now. Hot, Hot, Hot, love scenes, a well written, creative and intriguing story about family plus inventive, vivid characters, all on top of seriously wonderful love and romance. Each story is about one key person, usual in a family, or close group of friends, they are linked through intricate, messy links and it's almost like a movie you get the privilege of witnessing about these people's powerful, emotional, and often times painful journey towards falling in love. Roberts is one of my most favorite author's, and she doesn't disappoint in this series. Her unique style and classy, yet moving love scenes, paint a beautiful picture that leaves a person longing for something similar for themselves. All of that is combined into this fantastic series and make this book a "must-have"!!!! I didn't want to set it down....seriously!! Lol I was nodding off over my book on several different occasions. Worth the price and more to have a Nora Roberts book in your library collection!!!!!!
The second chapter of the O'Hurley triplets is Maddie's story. A true free spirit, she is really a chip of the old block. Her life path has led her to Broadway where she has thrived.
When she bumps into(literally)the financial backer of her current play she is bowled over.And Reed Valentine(gotta love that last name)is intrigued and smitten.
But of course,love has to take the bumpy road. And there are potholes aplenty.Opposites attract, but they aren't guaranteed a happy ending.
As in the Abby's story, the family makes an appearance for opening night in a show of support.Again,a setup for chapter three.
I enjoyed this one because of Maddie. It was easy to identify with her. I cannot say the same for her love interest,Reed. I understood where he was coming from, but had a lot of trouble empathizing with him.
Overall,a decent continuance of the saga
Nora always did find a way to make a story interesting. I really enjoy the continuing story lines with family.
With our youngest graduating and moving out of the house, I decided to start reading again. The kindle was a gift for this purpose. For some reason I started reading books by Nora Roberts and love them. I realized that there is an order to each family series and now read them in the right order so that I get to know each family member really well. The O'Hurley family is a favorite. I really like how each character, in this case Maddy, is presented in a way that you feel as if you know this person and you always get to visit again with the other family members that you have already read about in the series. There are such strong family connections in each of Nora Roberts' books and this is no exception. I always look forward to the next book in the series and usually dive right in. This is a good read and sets up beautifully the next in the series, Skin Deep.
I like this series a lot. I can't seem to put them down and end up reading each in a day!
I engoyed this book very much and recomend it to others. I was disapointed that I was able to download all the books except for the very first one in the series. Now I have to wait a month. The three I was able to get mentioned parts of the story of the first book. Now I don't think the first book will be that much fun to read because I already know the ending. If you haven't read the series. Wait untill they are all out and can read in order.
Bought this quartet with the intention to read each book in each of my trips in the coming weeks/months... Well, after the first one, I HAD to continue reading... so have devoured the four novels already.... so, will need to buy another book for my next trip :-) After reading more than 50 novels by Nora Roberts, I love her work ever more!
I loved this book and can't wait to read the next in this series. Just enough romance, drama, etc to keep ones interest.

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Dance to the Piper (The O'Hurleys Series)
Literature & Fiction
Author: Nora Roberts,Marie Caliendo
Title: Dance to the Piper (The O'Hurleys Series)