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Prayers for Rain by Thomas J.S. Brown,Dennis Lehane

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Bestselling author Dennis Lehane is back with a vengeance in this noir mystery with a psychological edge. Boston private investigators Patrick Kenzie and Angela Gennaro's relationship has hit the skids. But despite their problems, they join forces to close down a predator whose modus operandi seems to put him beyond the law. This killer's insidious murder weapon is within his victim's mind: no smoking gun, no bloody knife, just merciless manipulation that drives his targets to kill themselves. As Patrick and Angie attempt to identify and save his next victim, this sinister force turns on them, and thus begins a dangerous battle of wits: a tormenting, life-threatening game of psychological warfare where simple survival seems like a mixed blessing - because not even the winner will emerge unscathed.

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Once more Lehane delivers and when you get to the end of Prayers, if you knew what was coming, congratulations. I get so involved with Lehane's skills that I am surprised just in anticipation of where I will be headed with Kenzie and Gennaro. The joy in reading Lehane includes the details of the story, the quips, and characters with whom you can identify emotionally, morally, and in terms of how you would love to act - if you are honest enough to admit it - to mete out a little justice with no holds barred, knowing there is a cost to self in doing so.
Bring it on, Mr. Lehane; I want to be there with Patrick and Angie...and even Bubba...to the end.
Prayers for Rain by Dennis Lehane. Want to read a fast action novel? Want to try a figure out who's who? Is this some sort of a mad man's game? This is the book for you. Do you remember such books as the Maltese Falcon? If you have read them then you are in for a treat! When I finished reading Prayers for Rain, I could see this great book as a movie starring Humphrey Bogart as Patrick Kenzie and Lauren Bacall as Angela Gennaro. It begins with a young lady, Karen Nichols, who contacts Kenzie about a man who will not leave her alone, Cody Falk. Karen tells of Cody watching her while she works out and has followed her making remarks about her body and how he would like to enjoy her. Bubba, Kenzie buddy since childhood, is willing to do anything, even murder if needed. Karen dies under circumstances that have Kenzie wondering why? His investigation digs so deep that he is now threated by a mad man, Wesley Dawes. Or is it Wesley? Dr. Christopher Dawes and his wife, what secrets do they hold? This mystery about Wesley, how deep does it go? And just who is Scott Pearce? There are so many questions in this story. When the killing ends, is it the end? Get this book and find out for yourself!
If you have a pet dog skip this story.
I love Dennis Lehane. He writes stories that are like a blues tune. They have a hook that draws the reader in and you turn the pages to the various beats of the story. Good, bad, fun, sorrow all flow so easily one is never confused. All characters, dialogue and background are believable. The reader is never confused. He uses a great blend of humor and snark. This was one of his more brutal stories, dealing with destroying people psychologically. The following paragraph applies to many of us:
It occurred to me, as we wound our way down the beach road past the old amusement park, that if I ever had kids, and I took them to places that had once mattered to me, all there'd be to show for my youth would be the buildings that had replaced it.

I will re-read this book, skipping certain sections, and look forward to more works from Dennis Lehane.
This is the first book I have read by Lehane though I watched Gone, Baby, Gone and Mystic River and enjoyed both. I figured it was about time I read one of his books as we all know, books are generally better than the movie. I was not disappointed, this was a great piece of crime fiction.
Not only was the plot fast paced and well-written, with plenty of twists, but the character development was great. I loved the interactions between Patrick and Bubba, who is a character unlike any other. Throw in Angie, who had left Patrick after Gone, Baby, Gone, she rejoins the team for this one, intrigued as they look for this person who completely destroyed a woman's life for no apparent reason.

There is a lot of graphic violence but it didn't bother me, it added to the credibility of the story. I'm not sure whether Patrick and Angie are PI's so much as vigilantes in this one, but I enjoyed it very much. I've heard the next installment doesn't have as much Bubba, though it goes back to the story from Gone, Baby, Gone. I'll probably read it though I'll miss Bubba. I am also pretty sure I am going to read Shutter Island which I heard was much better than the movie which I did not see.

I can see why Lehane is so popular. If you like the mystery/thriller genre with a little edge, I think you will enjoy this book.
my rating 4.5/5
I am so glad I found this author. I am so conservative it is a breath of fresh air to read about real life, the seamy side as well as life as reality. I loved it and the characters. The plots are so exciting, hard to put down. The main characters portrayal of their emotions are realistic and fascinating, that was what kept my interest, I have almost all his books now and will get the DVD for Gone Girl Gone today. I always like the books best.
Fantastic read, as always. Dennis Lehane write top quality books. He has all the great aspects: a strong lead (or in his case, a lead couple) that are far from perfect and much more human than many other authors write, a mystery or crime to be solved, back story, characters that really pull you in and make you feel like they are real people in your life, clever and witty conversation, and the ability to really make you think. He also has his characters go into some real hard topics and hits them right on the mark. His choice of wording in all his books is perfect. I followed then entire Kenzie and Gennaro series--accidently out of order--and couldn't put the book down.
Lehane is a master at bringing us into his core characters and takes us on emotional and real journeys as they begin to reveal more and moreof who they are and what they are. While darkness plagues our main character...and he fights to find alternate ways to see and feel...we find that not only are there "bad guys" but sometimes are genius and can overwhelm. Angie and Patrick take us on a wild ride that intrigues, frightens, confuses and ultimately changes us. Fantastic!

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Publisher: Brilliance Audio; Abridged edition (May 15, 2000)

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Prayers for Rain
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Author: Thomas J.S. Brown,Dennis Lehane
Title: Prayers for Rain