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This Crowded Earth is a frighteningly possible future world as seen through the strange and demonic imagination of Robert Bloch. Earth is overcrowded and its resources are being taxed to the limit. The government has a desperate plan, but will it work and at what price? This Crowded Earth is by the author of Psycho and Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper and first appeared in the October 1958 Amazing Science Fiction Stories magazine. Robert Albert Bloch was an American writer, primarily of crime, horror and science fiction. He is best known as the writer of Psycho, the basis for the Alfred Hitchcock movie of the same name. Bloch wrote hundreds of short stories and over 20 novels, He was one of the youngest members of the Lovecraft Circle, a contributor to pulp magazines such as Weird Tales in his early career, a screenwriter and recipient of the Hugo Award for That Hell-Bound Train, the Bram Stoker Award, and the World Fantasy Award.

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Mysterious Wrench
This review originally published in www.lookingforagoodbook.com. Rated 2.0 of 5

In 1958, when this was written, the idea of over-crowding and population explosion were still only just being considered, but were not hot topics. But like many science fiction authors, Robert Bloch was ahead of the curve on this one.

The story is about Harry Collins and we start in that distant future, 1997. Harry, like a number of others, can't stand the over-crowding and spartan conditions in which he is forced to lived. He could upgrade to a larger space, but he would have to marry to do so, and moving up would also necessitate a much longer (five-hour) commute.

His desire to see change becomes an obsession and drives him over the edge (literally?) and he is sent to a hospital in the country. There he has an affair with a nurse. Except the nurse is not a nurse, but another patient who's been ordered to have the affair with Harry. In fact, the entire hospital is an experiment that the doctor is carrying out.

The story (novelette? novella?) covers most of Harry's lifetime, as man's reasoning and attempts to correct some of the problems created by mankind, backfire or point out just how ridiculous our decisions can be if we don't address the issue (the attempt to solve the problem of over-crowding was to midget-ize the human race ... to create smaller humans who don't take up so much space).

Given my tastes in fiction, my preference for sci-fi, and the fact that I have typically really liked Robert Bloch books and stories, I really expected to like this story. Unfortunately, I didn't.

I thought that the characters were dull and the solutions comical. Because Harry Collins did nothing for me, following him over the course of 60+ years felt more like torture than a pleasant read. What got me through it was Bloch's writing style. The characters and the plot didn't get me, but his story-telling does. There is a reason that he's a master story-teller, but there's also a reason that even his fans aren't clamoring for this book.

Looking for a good book? <em>This Crowded Earth</em>, by Robert Bloch, shows its age with a rambling, rather ridiculous plot. There are plenty of great classic sci-fi stories available, but this isn't one of them.
Robert Bloch, the author of the novel "Psycho," is most famous for his horror fiction, but he also wrote some science fiction. This 1958 story originally appeared in Amazing as a "complete in one issue novel" (which means it would be around 100 pages of print). It starts as a well-written, if rather conventional, dystopia about a world grown overcrowded as a result of the population explosion. But after the first chapter, Bloch adds a few unusual twists and turns to his plot to keep the reader off-balance. Well done.
This is a well written story and would have been a bit shocking 60 years ago. Unfortunately, it seems a little silly today.I almost didnt finish reading it, but I am glad I kept on to the ending. There are some really good embedded social commentary gems if you keep reading.
I used to read Alfred Hitchcock Presents, which was a small paperback book full of short stories from many authors of the thriller, mystery genre.. Robert Bloch was the first one I looked for to read first.. So when I saw this book I was thrilled.. It's quite a different kind of story of the many books that I have read ... original and interesting..I wish I could find this authors short stories in print... hope you enjoy this as much as I did.. He was way ahead of his time.. Thank You !!
This is a book which was originally published back in the 1950s. For a book this old there are parts of it that are surprisingly prescient.

The world is becoming extremely crowded. Humans are packed into highrises and restricted to only one room if they are single. Food and water availability is slowly waning and soon there will not be any way to keep supporting the ever increasing population of mankind. What happens then?

Robet Bloch explores this question by posing a solution. Is it the correct solution?Will it actually work? You will have to read this book to find out.

This story was imaginative. There are dates in the book that we have now surpassed, which makes the book seem a bit dated. However, the points the author is making are still relevant and will need to be addressed for mankind to survive.

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This Crowded Earth
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Author: Illustrator Finlay,Robert Bloch
Title: This Crowded Earth