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Reviews (6)
I am now a committed fan of Stephen leather with more of his books on my kindle than any other author. I find it quite amazing that a man with his background can be so knowledgable of so many different facets of life. Like his other books this one must have been accuratley researched in depth. it is this that keeps me coming back to Leather. Even though he has written so many books none seem to overlap with other stories. With the "Hungry Ghost" you not only get a thrilling fast moving story but a description of life in the cities in the story bangkok and Hong Kong. It is obvious from this and other stories that Stephen has lived worked and researched in these cities like he has done with all of his books that I have read. Even his inspector Zhang books do not disapoint. I gave this book five starts for its"readabiltiy" plot and pace there was only one disapointment for me in this book and that was not following through to the conclusion of one of the Charachters. However perhaps to cross the T;s and dot the eyes may have taken it another few pages and it was exciting enough with what was written.
I loved this book - its a touch dated as its written about HK pre-handover but its a great story with an interesting range of characters. One of Stephen's better efforts.
A great yarn with plenty of intrigue & a gentle twist at the end
Great book. I loved everything about it. Leather is a great writer I knew nothing about until recently. He's a wonderful discovery to me.
I highly recommend Leather and this book.
The milieu of HUNGARY GHOST is Hong Kong during the Festival of the Hungary Ghosts, during which time souls of the dead are released from Hell and must be ritually propitiated before they can wreak havoc among the living. Sort of like Halloween without the candy.

Here, the transfer of the Crown Colony to Red China is only a few years away. A top executive in the London HQ of the Secret Intelligence Service unilaterally reactivates Geoff Howells, a former MI6 assassin previously forced into retirement after he began enjoying his work just a little too much. Geoff's mission - to kill Simon Ng, the head of a powerful Hong Kong triad, who's understood to be threatening the Beijing mandarins with the blowing of bloody big hole in the containment dome of a nuclear reactor located six miles upwind of the colony unless Hong Kong's handover is delayed fifty years, an unacceptable scenario to the Brits, who just want to exit gracefully ASAP. To bring Simon out from behind his protective walls and bodyguards, Howells kidnaps Sophie, Ng's daughter by his beautiful English wife, Jill.

The basic elements of HUNGRY GHOST promise a lean and mean thriller. While it proves to be gratifyingly mean, it's less of the former through the introduction of a superfluity of characters: Pat Dugan, a Senior Inspector in the Commercial Crime Unit of the Hong Kong Police Department as well as Jill's brother, Simon Ng's father and brother, two CIA operatives, one very cute female assassin working for the People's Republic, and a golden-hearted bar girl named Amy. While all these extra players add complexity and interest, I suggest the novel would have been even better had it come down to a contest between Jill and/or Sophie and Geoff without all the other distractions. Indeed, author Stephen Leather has created strong-willed heroines to excellent effect in two other of his potboilers, THE BOMBMAKER and THE STRETCH, both of which transcend this volume in suspense and clever plotting and got 5 stars from me.

Mind you, HUNGRY GHOST's 462 paper-backed pages provided better than average entertainment on a 4-hour rail ride from Bridgeport, CT to Baltimore, and a 5-hour flight from Baltimore to Los Angeles, when I wasn't otherwise dozing. And if, like me, you've been lucky enough to visit Hong Kong, this book summons up memories of that visually stunning city. But, it's not the author's best work among those I've read to date.

ISBN: 0002236370

Rating: 4.8/5

Votes: 428

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ISBN13: 978-0002236379

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers Ltd (March 4, 1991)

Language: English

Subcategory: Genre Fiction

Pages: 352

Hungry Ghost
Literature & Fiction
Author: Stephen Leather
Title: Hungry Ghost