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Summer Sisters : A Novel [Large Print] by Judy Blume

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Two women from very different families become inseparable companions during summers on Martha's Vineyard during their coming-of-age years, forging the bonds of a lifelong friendship that weathers growing up, marriage, children, careers, and betrayal

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I don't understand the negative reviews for this book, calling it "banal", "tripe", and "girly foolishness". Obviously these are people who just "don't get it" and would never survive one summer in the ramshackle cottage on Martha's Vineyard with the Somers family. I LOVE this book. I've read it and re-read it over the years, from a tattered paperback, and recently bought it digitally to add to my Kindle library. Though I have not been part of a "summer sisters" style friendship, nor suffered betrayals from friends on the level of those in this tale, I can relate to the teenage friendship between the two girls. Judy Blume paints a lush portrait of an era, a location, and the conflicting characters and scenes: the high desert of New Mexico versus Cape Cod, the wealthy versus the lower middle class, and spoiled, needy Caitlin versus serious and pragmatic Vix.

I grew up reading Judy Blume, but I'm no teen now. I'm in my 40s. Blume's graceful writing style never disappoints. Negative reviewers that have complained the young teens focus too much energy on their budding sexuality have obviously forgotten what it's like to be that age. In using varying viewpoints and characters narratives to tell the story, each character is well-developed from their own words and conversations as well as through the observations of others. As another reviewer astutely pointed out, Caitlin is the only one not given a voice. We only see her in the 3rd person, and I think that is intentional, as her character remains mysterious and conflicted in her motivations to the very (sad) end.

1970s- '80s Martha's Vineyard and the late 20th century in general are characters in the story as well, and Blume expresses them both very dynamically. She's writing about kids several years older than me, the "cool kids" I looked up to when I was young, and seeing inside their lives and times makes me feel I've finally caught up with them.

The love story between Vix and Bru is steamy for sure, and full of missteps that young people make. Bru's island guy local persona, tough but tender, quiet and calm, is mistaken by some reviewers as a cardboard portrait sans adequate development, but his simple straightforward demeanor should not be mistaken for lack of development. He is not a complex person. (Spoiler alert:)That's perhaps the main reason his relationship with Vix fails.

I consider this book, a fast, fun and engaging read, one of Judy Blume's best.
Still In Mind
I've been reading Judy Blume since her books were a selection in the Scholastic Magazine orders we got in elementary school once a month. She was my go to for my youth and adolescence - like a friend who like Vix in this novel, "Gets it".

Like a first love, I still to this day will read one of her YA books (which take about 40 minutes when you're an adult ha!) for the nostalgia -

Reading an adult oriented book by her seemed odd - how do you reconcile scoliosis, getting your period, learning how to swim, etc with reading a book that was designed for grown ups -

She just nails it. I wonder how many other women in this world think like me ... That Judy had to have written this book just for me.

Von isn't a National Treasure...Judy Blume is - and this book is amazing and complicated and if you don't see a bit of yourself somewhere in it - I would be very surprised.
Perfect beach/vacation book. I read it quickly. I wanted to read this because I’m a fan of Blume - her young adult books and “In The Unlikely Event”. Before I started this book, I suggested it to my adult niece. I was a little embarrassed because it gets very sexual very early in the book. I’m also debating if this is a book appropriate to leave in our neighborhood book exchange box. There’s nothing on the cover that suggests the level of sexual encounters in this story.
lets go baby
Unlikely friendship spanning over many years. Post the question why do we choose the friends we did?
Perfectly describes the uncertainty of teenage years in terms of own self-image and self-worth.
This is an eye opening read about friendships and the inability to get rid of toxic friends or to see friendships for what they really are.
I haven't read a book by Judy Blume in years so I didn't know what to expect when my sister recommended I read 'Summer Sisters". I was pleasantly surprised that I absolutely loved this book! I look forward to finding more hidden treasures but this wonderful seasoned author!
This was an interesting story of two girls from different backgrounds neither of which were necessarily good and how they mature into adulthood. I found it sad in many ways but very easy to read. May come back and read it again in the future.
I think we have all had a summer sister. Mine was Penny we did everything together. She was to me what Caitlin was to Vix. I thought she had it all. Even the boy she married. I think I idolized her back then. Many years have passed & where she is today only God knows. But I only hope the best for her.
This book was listed as an adult book, so I gave it a try, but it was definitely teenage interest level. The story of two bffs and their pretty explicit sexual encounters and teenage angst. Well-written and interesting, I would think, for that age group, but I found it hard to like or identify with the main characters. As a YA book, though, I definitely think high school or college students might like it!

ISBN: 0786215364

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Publisher: Thorndike Pr (October 1, 1998)

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Summer Sisters : A Novel [Large Print]
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Author: Judy Blume
Title: Summer Sisters : A Novel [Large Print]