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Alone again! Just like his orphaned boyhood. Those are Nevada's thoughts as he turns from the only home and happiness he has ever known. But it had all been a lie, at least on his part. He was hiding his true identity from his best friend Ben, and the woman he loved, Hettie. They knew him as Nevada, a man they cared for and respected when in truth he was a wandering fugitive gunman, notorious from Nevada clear to Tombstone, Arizona. And now he had done what he swore never to do again, he had killed not one, but three men. But he didn't regret it, he had done it to save his friend Ben from being branded a rustler and going to prison. His sacrifice would now allow Ben to be free, to prosper, and to marry the love of his life. But the price he must now pay, is a living hell. A life alone, a life as his real self -- Notorious Outlaw Jim Lacy, but worst of all, a life without his best friend, Ben, and his most precious Hettie. Thus begins the exciting and emotional sequel to Zane Grey's The Forlorn River. Read by Jack Sondericker. 9 CD's 10.2 Hrs.

Reviews (7)
Here again is a great story from one of the great western writers. Both of these books in the series were outstanding
Typical Zane Grey, strong virile men and beautiful, strong, virtuous women. I have read and reread all of his books since my early teens (now 82). Love his descriptions of the territory where the story takes place.
Zane has always brought me back to the folklore of the West. I can feel the dust in the air, the heat of the sun, the building of characters and overall feeling of living in that time period in America. Whenever I need just a good old cowboy novel, I look for a Zane book. Nevada is another great one.
Extremely great reading on this one.
Two of three I bought for my Dad. His favorite Zane Grey novel.
Zane Grey has done it again with his sequel to Forlorn River
His description of our wilderness and outdoor life sets the stage for viewing our beautiful country
There was a lot to it to enjoy
This book was also purchased for my wife's reading enjoyment and to add to her Zane Gray book collection. She enjoyed reading Zane Gray western novels.

ISBN: 1596070730

Rating: 4.8/5

Votes: 498

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ISBN13: 978-1596070738

Publisher: Books In Motion (June 15, 2005)

Language: English

Subcategory: Contemporary

Nevada by Zane Grey from Books In Motion.com
Literature & Fiction
Author: Zane Grey
Title: Nevada by Zane Grey from Books In Motion.com