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THE ESSENTIAL MORENO: Writings on Psychodrama, Group Method, and Spontaneity by J.L. Moreno MD,Jonathan Fox MA

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This handy volume collects the best and most important writings of J.L. Moreno in one concise and accessible place. This unique collection explores Moreno's thought in developing psychodrama and sociometry, with his strong emphasis on spontaneity and creativity. The book discusses both basic and advanced concepts and techniques of psychodramatic treatment. Thte reader will find extensive examples from Moreno's own cases containing verbatim transcripts that illustrate the give-and-take between Moreno, his patients, and the audience observers. Jonathan Fox introduces the book with a brief overview of Moreno's life and ideas and places him in the context of his time and in the field of psychotherapy. Fox's notes throughout underscore significant aspects of the selections for the practitioner and student.

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Good book by the founder of psychodrama.
J. L. Moreno, M.D., originator of sociometry, psychodrama and group therapy, may be the most overlooked genius of the 20th century. Discovering the preferential basis of social structure, he developed sociometry, a method for exploring the dynamics of society, a method which has been largely ovelooked by sociologists. He developed a three dimensional, action method of communication, psychodrama, which has multiple functions including a powerful form of psychotherapy. Of the 150,000 or more practitioners of some form of therapy or counseling, only a few hundred are certified psychodramatists. Although there are many reasons why Moreno's contributions have been neglected, one of the most important is his oft-criticized style of writing.
Jonathan Fox has done the psychotherapy professions an immense favor by selecting passages from Moreno's prolific and wide ranging works which capture the essence of his philosophy, theory and methods. As Carl Whitaker, noted family therapist states in his foreword, "Jonathan Fox has made an heroic effort to put together writings, philosophy,theories , and accomplishments of J. L. Moreno."
Hopefully this book will spur some of its readers to further explore the contributions of Moreno.
Dr. J.L. Moreno was a genius, a brilliant creator and theorist, an original thinker in the field of understanding human growth and the importance of interpersonal relationship. Jonathan Fox has, quite literally, 'essentialised' Moreno's complex writings, philosophy, theories and methods into bite-sized chunks which give the student and practitioner of psychodrama/sociodrama (and other creative therapies and methods of creative and drama groupwork) a route map into his thinking, which could lead the reader on to the full range of Moreno's work or be enough of a taster to encourage attendance at a psychodrama workshop. When I was a student myself, I found this book utterly essential reading and quoted heavily from it in my student thesis. Now I am a trainer of sociodrama students in the UK, I cannot recommend 'The Essential Moreno' strongly enough to my groups. It is always on my desk and I regularly dip into it to remind myself of the words of Moreno himself, in a form I can readily relate to.

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THE ESSENTIAL MORENO: Writings on Psychodrama, Group Method, and Spontaneity
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Author: J.L. Moreno MD,Jonathan Fox MA
Title: THE ESSENTIAL MORENO: Writings on Psychodrama, Group Method, and Spontaneity