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Bony And The White Savage (U) by Arthur Upfield

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This is one of his later renderings and #25 in the series released in 1959. If one reads the series starting with what one can find that has been re-published recently, say some of the books from the 1930s through the 1940s before going to his books of the late 1950's & 1960s you will notice the slight changes in Aussie life and the backdrop descriptions as he always describes the land and the people in it for the time period of any particular writing. Great mystery series. For more on Upfield and his works read my review on The Bone is Pointed. This writer builds his characters very well and I always wish each of his books would just continue on and on for leaving his wonderful characters behind is much like saying good-bye to well known friends. The Sands of Windee #2 (1931); Mr Jelly's Business #4 (1937); and The Bone is Pointed #6 (1938) in that order are good places to begin. Luckily these earlier releases are now available to enjoy.
The Napoleon Bonaparte (Bony) novels are a lovely evocation of a distant land, culture and time. The audio-books with Peter Hosking's narrations make the Arthur Upfield's Australia come to life.

I marked No violence - but there are deaths.
As the preface warns these were written in the 1930's -1950's when attitudes were different toward women and aboriginals.
A fan of Upfield's Bonaparte series for the last twenty years, I only recently read this one. What I particularly enjoyed was, one - seeing a different facet come out in Bony in his treatment of Sadie, and two - the way Upfield has of transporting the reader to the geographical location in AU where the mystery takes place. Beautifully written.
Bony mysteries are the best! Great description of 1020's - 1950's Australian life and environments. My late Range Scientist husband loved them and the recordings do not disappoint, a great way to revisit an old friend, Inspector Bonaparte.
I chose this rating because Mr Upfield keeps me interested in the story. His characters are interesting and meld the story with facts and surroundings. As I am an avid fan of Inspector Bonaparte mysteries it is only fair to say that I am totally prejudiced in favour of any of them.
We love all of Arthur Upfields books and have most of them. He should be a National Treasure for Australia and it is too bad his books are going out of print and very hard to get.
Very specific to Australia.
To enjoy this book, you have to be into mystery novels. This one is very dated, but it has one of the more interesting detectives. It also contains a lot of information about Australia.

ISBN: 0854564071

Rating: 4.6/5

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ISBN13: 978-0854564071

Publisher: Ulverscroft (February 1, 1976)

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Subcategory: Mystery

Bony And The White Savage (U)
Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Author: Arthur Upfield
Title: Bony And The White Savage (U)