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Uniform Justice (Commissario Guido Brunetti Mystery) by Donna Leon

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OK, so maybe I'm getting bored. Am on this book, #12 in the Brunetti series. Have enjoyed them all, but finding my interest diminishing. Am thinking the commissario should consider retiring. Beginning to wonder if he's still got what it takes by the end of the series. Here's my analysis in no particular order:

1.Get rid of Patta. He offers no significant purpose in the plots or story lines. He's a pain int the rear and useless to the story.
2. Ditto on his flunkie Scarpa.
3. Elettra. Make her commassario! She does more with computers and her "contacts" than Brunetti. Then she has to explain to him how the crime went down and more believable suspect while he keeps asking her what she thinks. Isn't he the top cop? Doesn't sound like it.
4. The commissario himself: Should become a chef and/or restaurant owner. Seems to be (increasingly) more interested in food and recipes than being a cop. Forgets his weapon when he needs it, forgets his cell phone, wanders about like a lost dog most of the time and doesn't seem to have a clue (no pun intended) about much of anything.
5. Paola: A (short) series featuring her might prove interesting.
Positives: Good blend of work and family and person time gives lead character more dimension

Fiinally: Write a cook book featuring Paola's cooking and those of others who Brunetti seems increasingly more interested in than figuring out (as Elettra does all too often) the crime and who committed it.

Will I finish the series? At this point, unless Brunetti gets his head out of where ever it is, it may be a squeaker. Yawn!
A young man was murdered in a famous military academy in Venice. The case lands on Inspector Brunetti’s desk.
Inspector Brunetti is a native of Venice, who appreciates the beauty of his city, is a lover of good Italian food, and is always in pursuit of Justice.
In this book, as in other Inspector Brunette books, a detailed description is given of workings of the police and Italian politics.
But this particular book gave me the impression that the whole structure of the police is based on corruption, conspiracy and bias. Most of the characters are described as corrupt, incompetent, or strictly career oriented. Except for Inspector Brunetti and one or two of his officers, the rest seem to be useless. At one point I was wondering - what is the point in having the police at all.
To solve a crime, especially committed by scions of Venetian society or high ranking military, the superior must be manipulated or outright ignored.
Therefore the conclusion was inevitable – inspector Brunetti did solve the case, but the criminal would never be brought to justice.
It is my second attempt at reading this particular book. The first time I put it aside after reading only few chapters. After reading few of her other books and liking them, I purchased this ebook on sale with an option to add professional narration.
Well, my first instinct was the right one - I did not enjoy this book. However, this time, I listened to the end.

The narration by David Colacci, on the other hand, was superb.

I can give this book barely 3 stars.
In the third Commissario Brunetti novel, Brunetti continues to deal with a corrupt system whose corruptin is taken for granted by so any that the notion of justice seems to change continually. This time, he investigates the apparent suicide of a young cadet at a military academy,but finds that the boy's death is linked to other acts of violence and corruption. His unwillingness to accept what appears on the surface (a characteristic that makes him the excellent policeman that he is) leads him into conflict with his frequent adversaries Scarpa and Patta as well as helps his admiration for a younger officer, Puccetti grow while deepening his respect for Elleta's "research" skills. While I often find the issues that frustrate Brunetti as frustrating as he does, the writing and plotting here are tight and Brunetti's relationship with his wife,Paola, their mutual understanding of class and social issues, their love for one another (that give a sold foundation to the book but isn't cloying or intrusive), Brunetti's love of Venice and good food and drink all add depth and richness to this series. I recommend the books to all who love Italy and good stories.
Este libro tiene dos lecturas.
Se lo puede leer como a una novela policial con una trama mas que interesante.
O se lo puede leer (además) prestando atención a la descripción de los personajes, sus conflictos emocionales, nuestro crónico problema de la corrupción, especialmente de la corrupción corporativa… que infiltra todo… incluido a los gobiernos (todos, en mayor o menor grado) y que ya llega al colmo cuando contamina a la justicia.
Cuando la Justicia falla, ya es el comienzo del final… ¡un enorme paso atrás! En la organización social humana… “La Suma Del Poder Publico” es el pecado mortal republicano mas grave… lo que Juan Bautista Alberdi (autor de la Constitución Argentina) definió en el articulo 29 de la misma Constitución como: “Ni el Poder Ejecutivo Nacional, Ni los Gobernadores Provinciales podrán ejercer la suma del poder publico, por el que la propiedad, el honor y la vida de los ciudadanos queden a su merced… quienes así lo hagan .. o consientan… merecen el trato y castigo de INFAMES TRAIDORES A LA PATRIA. J.B. Alberdi no fue un extremista, fuera de Argentina se lo conoce como “El Canciller de La Paz” por su ensayo “El Crimen de La Guerra” ¿De todo esto trata este libro?... ¡De tapa a tapa, lealo de nuevo pensándolo asi…

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Uniform Justice (Commissario Guido Brunetti Mystery)
Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Author: Donna Leon
Title: Uniform Justice (Commissario Guido Brunetti Mystery)