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The Genesis Code by Dick Hill,John Case

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In a remote hill town in Italy, a renowned scientist enters the confessional. A dying man, he pours out the secret that has consumed his life for years - a sin of such magnitude that the shocked priest refuses him absolution. In a suburb of Washington DC, Joe Lassiter's only sister and her young son have been killed in a sudden fire that engulfs their home. The police believe it was arson; they soon discover that mother and child were brutally murdered before the blaze was set. As Lassiter tries to find out why they were killed, he comes to believe others may have been murdered in similar fashion. And still more people may die if he cannot discover the elusive connection that links the innocent victims together.

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I just finished reading THE GENESIS CODE by John Case. WOW! This is the best book I have read in a while. It has everything: intelligent information, science vs. religion, suspense, a fabulous plot with wonderful pacing, beautiful descriptions, and it will hold a thrilling grip on you throughout the book. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
Private investigator Joe Lassiter's sister and nephew have been killed in a dreadful fire--of course, Joe is devastated, but when he discovers that the people he loved had been killed prior to the arson, he wonders just what the fire was meant to cover. Luckily, the arsonist, does not quite get away, he suffers from burns in a local hospital and Joe is determined to get him to deliver more than just a few answers. However, the man is an enigma who refuses to talk, revealing only through serendipity that he is Italian. Joe must use all his investigative powers to determine this man's identity and how his mission involved the sacrifice of his sister and nephew's lives. The trail leads to Europe where an ultra-conservative faction of the Catholic Church impairs the flexing of Joe's investigative muscle.

No spoilers here. I reduced my rating by a star merely because I figured out what was going on by about the middle of the book. However, this intuitiveness certainly did not diminish my enjoyment of the plot's unfolding and its ultimate climax.

Wondering if Mr. Case is considering a sequel. I would enjoy reading about Jesse's future development in our technological world.
One of my favorite books of all times! Love this!
love it
one of my favorite authors
I never write reviews but in this case I want to because I am very upset with the book in general. I must admit that overall mystery is good and original but execution is very poor. This book must be entertaining in the first place, I felt that writer added so much useless information like description of the churches, weather, bridges etc. I was skipping pages because it was just extremely boring. Reviews stated that book is fast-paced but it was far from it, events were dragging on and on with some useless dialogues and descriptions. But the most frustrating part is the fact that main character had the clue in his possession right in the middle of the book and "forgot" to look at it till the very end - the most stupid thing I ever read in my life. Its like I write the book about greatest puzzle in the world and in the first chapter my friend is killed but manages to give me solution written on a piece of paper but I will keep trying to solve it on my own, and every time I see the piece of paper I will say to myself - "Ah, its probably nothing important, he was killed and dyeing, so probably he was not in his good mind when he gave me this, so its worthless" Then in the very end I decide to read the answer and - BAM! Mystery is solved and I got myself a bestseller! If anyone likes Dan Brown and wants to buy this book because some critics say its much better, please DON'T! Its nothing like it, because if you have church, saints, Vatican etc. in your plot it does not mean its as good as Brown's novels.
A Great thing about this book is that it isn't your average suspense type of book. It is written so descriptive that it seems to make the reader feel they are actually right there . The interweaving of science and religion certainly picks up the pace of the story making it a very enjoyable read.
Love this book; love books that make you go "huh... I wonder".
I keep this book on my phone and have at least 3 copies around my house; have read it so many times and still get something out of it every time. Love all his books but this is my favourite.

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Publisher: Brilliance Audio; Unabridged library edition (May 1, 1997)

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The Genesis Code
Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Author: Dick Hill,John Case
Title: The Genesis Code