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Mr. Campion's Falcon by Youngman Carter

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I suppose that this is no different from other authors who have taken a theme, characters and direction from another author and produced a new story but this grated on my "ear" because the Mr. Campion of this book (and the previous book MR CAMPION'S FARTHING) resulted from Margery Allingham's husband Youngman Carter attempting to use her long running protagonist in stories of his own devising. The character of Albert Campion experienced a quantum leap change and the stories became far more complex and analytical (for want of a better word) than Mrs. Allingham ever wrote. Frankly while these books are enjoyable I prefer those of the inimitable Mrs. A -- with all the other well known characters such as Campion's family, friends, and adherents. Mr. Carter contributed to her stories but the final drafts were her own and far better stories.
I have always loved Margery Allingham's books about Albert Campion and can imagine that her husband, Youngman-Carter did contribute a great deal to those books. He did a great job of finishing A CARGO OF EAGLES after her death. Unfortunately the two that he wrote on his own are way too complicated and many of the characters that featured in Mrs. A's books are missing. Good but not great.
A really good example of her riting.
Margery Allingham and Phillip Youngman Carter are my favorite writers. Mr. Carter aided his wife in the earlier Campion stories and carried on wonderfully after she died. I only wish he had written more. This was a fun and suspenseful story. It was certainly up the high standards set by the (in my opinion) 3 best detective writers of that (or any) time; Margery Allingham, Agatha Christie, and Ngaio Marsh.
This is the second of two novels by P. Youngman-Carter, Margery Allingham's husband, that were published after her death. The detective, Albert Campion, as well as several other characters and connections in both novels originated with Allingham over a long series of mysteries and short stories. "Mr. Campion's Falcon" has the appealing flavor of the authentic Allingham work although Campion is clearly aging and his once indispensable man-servant, Lugg is no longer in the picture. The writing style is fluent, amusing, and engaging. Even minor characters are well drawn. The plot is a bit weak but workmanlike; not brilliant but still fun. Overall, the story can be enjoyed for itself whether the reader hears the echoes of Allingham's voice or not.
A good story with excitement and interesting characters. Mr Carter, the widower of Margery Allingham, had quite a lot of input into her books and follows her style nearly perfectly. Recommended! The US title was "Mr Campion's Quarry", of which the double meaning becomes clear only near the end.
A little murder, a bit of larceny and diamonds make this novel a fun combination. We have a brief mention of Albert's wife, but Lugg seems to be gone for good.
Enjoyed this book as logical extension of franchise.

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Rating: 4.8/5

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ISBN13: 978-0140035926

Publisher: Penguin Books; New Ed edition (1973)

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Mr. Campion's Falcon
Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Author: Youngman Carter
Title: Mr. Campion's Falcon