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The Bishop and the Beggar Girl of St. Germain (A Father Blackie Ryan Mystery) by Andrew M. Greeley

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The bestselling priest & novelist Andrew M. Greeley continues the tales of the intrepid Bishop Blackie Ryan with this absorbing & suspenseful mystery, set in France, of a missing beloved television priest.

Not just an ordinary priest but a priest/television superstar, idolized by the people of France, loved by everyone except, of course the French hierarchy, the church, state and the Paris television community.

The Archbishop of Paris, familiar with Bishop Blackie Ryan's impressive sleuthing skills, asks Blackie's boss, the Archbishop of Chicago Sean Cardinal Cronin, for help in finding this missing priest. As usual, Cardinal Cronin resolves the matter with a brusque "See to it, Blackie."

In Paris, Blackie meets a young and beautiful woman begging for money at the door of the church of St-Germain-des-Prés. When he hires her as a translator, she turns out to be an excellent Dr. Watson and a brilliant musician as well. She is at his side as Blackie learns that neither the Church nor the police are eager to have the saintly priest returned, and once the public discovers the disappearance of their beloved priest, the miracles start-and nothing scares the Church more than miracles.

Undaunted, Blackie and his beautiful sidekick defy uncooperative Paris police, an unbending church, and reluctant witnesses to find the bizarre solution to one of the most fascinating puzzles he has ever encountered.

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interactive man
The image of a young, charismatic priest who disappears is projected through diverse lenses in the Paris. Detective Bishop Blackie, a Chicagoan with celtic roots, goes in search of the disappearing priest, interviewing persons who knew him. There are snippets of French language, Parisian metro stations, rail stations, streets, cafes, churches and cathedrals, all recognizable if you have been to Paris. We get an interesting picture of a cleric loved by many but opposed by "them", the establishment. Obvious tensions exist. A charming young French girl, a musician who plays celtic music, is a sophisticated translator assistant to Bishop Blackie. At this point, the plot collapses with repetition and story shortcuts that avoid the nice tapestry that has been woven and instead turn the mystery of the disappearing priest into more of an April Fool's joke, as if the author were in a big hurry to end the book without resolving the tensions among the factions that have been portrayed. The morality tale, if there was one that I sensed, evaporates. This is the first Andrew Greeley mystery for me and probably the last. The first half of the book was quite good but the second half was disappointing. I read the Kindle edition which I found to be satisfactory.
I do not understand why publishers believe that books can be taken from the print version and published as an ebook without editing. This edition was particularly poor. Misspellings, words split, diacritics marks rendered as numbers... If the publisher is charging what is basically the same price as the paperback, they should edit it better. Bad Forge.
The Bishop and the Beggar girl is another in the Blackie Ryan series. If you are new to the series, this is a fine place to start and you can work your way back or forward as you like in the series. The clues are all there. The Bishop calls in for help from family and friends and assistance of various types. Though I am a Protestant, I found the working of the Church intersting. I felt a little smug in that I perceived the solution before the end of the book, which for this series is raher unusual for me.
Bishop Blackie as always is a great character, who is lovable for all of his wonderful personally traits. He helps those who need him in many ways & not by just as always solving a locked room mystery. Andrew Greeley uses his character, Bishop Blackie, to not only solve, unsolvable mysteries, but also to make us all want to find the best in ourselves & help out those that we can.
This was a very enjoyable Bishop Blackie mystery. The characters were very interested and the plot kept you interested and reading on to find out what the answer was to the mystery. The answer has a twist that was totally unexpected, but really good.
I've read & enjoyed each & every Bishop Blackie book written by Andrew M. Greeley and am sad to realize that there will never be another book due to the serious illness of the author. These are stories that can be re-read and appreciated once more. Highly recommend...wishing someone close to the author could pick up and contine on with the series but that's wishful thinking.
Blackie Ryan is asked by Cardinal Sean to accompany himself and his sister Nora to Paris. Apparently, a TV priest has disappeared and the Cardinal in Paris wants Blackie to find out what happened to him.
The Blackie Ryan series is one of my favorites. This book is formulaic, but it's a great formula. The author even adds characters from his Nuala Anne and Chuckie O'Mally series to the story. This works well as Blackie seems to find his way into most of Greeley's books.
Just a so-so book. Greeley is sometimes an interesting author, but in this instance, no. He was a great sociolologist!

Also, the three above books, I do not recall ordering or receiving, but then, one is subject to a bit of forgetfulness at my age.

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Publisher: Forge Books (June 17, 2002)

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The Bishop and the Beggar Girl of St. Germain (A Father Blackie Ryan Mystery)
Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Author: Andrew M. Greeley
Title: The Bishop and the Beggar Girl of St. Germain (A Father Blackie Ryan Mystery)