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Locked in (Thorndike Press Large Print Mystery Series) by Marcia Muller

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Fully conscious but locked in an unresponsive body after being shot by an unknown assailant, private investigator Sharon McCone lies in a hospital bed desperately struggling to communicate and solve the mystery of the attack.

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Hǻrley Quinn
An excellent book! McCone Investigations has been busy working on many different kinds of cases. But which one is responsible for Sharon being shot in the head? Most of the action happens back in San Francisco although some travel is required for Craig and Julia to work their cases. Several more deaths, mysterious videos, embezzled money, and some unscrupulous characters round out this story as Sharon fights for her life. The family connectedness of All Souls Legal has never been as strong as the unity now at McCone Investigations once all the rats are rounded up.
happy light
I've read Marcia Muller's Sharon McCone mysteries in the past and enjoyed them. The main topic of this one, locked-in syndrome, sounded intriguing and as far as I know has not been written about in any mystery before. I know it must be a difficult thing to write about, since very few of us have ever experienced it, but Muller fell short conveying the horror and fear a patient must encounter when discovering what has happened. And there was no real doubt that McCone would not make a full recovery as we know there will be future books to come.
The technique of having each of the other major characters relate their experiences in solving what happened to McCone seemed disjointed and difficult to follow. At the end Muller sort of pulls it all together, but many times during the book I was confused as to who was whom and what was going on. It helps if you are thoroughly versed on Muller's usual characters.
All in all, it was a good try, even though not completely successful.
Incapacitated by a bullet to the head, Sharon McCone lies fully aware but immobile in her hospital bed trying to make sense of her shooting and of the cases her agency is currently working on. Was her shooting merely a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, or was there something more sinister behind it? Was it a random act - the result of disturbing a burglar - or was it related to one of her cases? Able to communicate only by blinking her eyes, McCone listens intently to the reports delivered to her by her operatives. At times in despair, at times hopeful, ever determined, McCone wrestles with her physical impairment, her inability to communicate anything other than a yes or no, her agency's cases, and doubts about whether she will remain in her current locked-in state for the rest of her life. This is a compelling, satisfying story told by a master of the mystery genre. Kudos to Marcia Muller for yet another great novel.
I have most of Marcia Mullers books, and I really like Sharon McCone as a growing and learning person, and as a detective.

Locked In was written by most of the other people in her life because of a severe injury she suffered, and I really did not like it as much. The people supporting her and her family are very good in their supporting roles, but do not make it as major characters in the book. I found most of them boring and the book not as exciting as the others. She continued the same writing in her recent book, and again, it was not as enjoyable a book for me. I hope she goes back to writing from Sharon McCones view point, as I really love most of those books, and found her point of view exciting, filled with drama and really thought out cases.
This was my first McCone book. It was leant to me. I enjoyed the premise behind it. I found Sharon McCone and her husband, Hy, to be very good protagonists. Intrigued by her paralysis and her handling of the disability, I read on.

The book is separated into very short chapters, each bearing a character's name. These characters are continually re-visited.

To be quite honest, beside Sharon, Hy, and the ending all the other characters did little for me.
I also kept asking myself "Where's the cops?" A prominent citizen is gravely wounded. The entire investigation and solving of the crime is taken care of in-house? Oh, I don't think so.
This is the worst Marcia Muller book I have read. She changed her style in this book writing a chapter from each chapters view point. It got a little confusing and annoying. Whilst I like most of the characters usually, I found they bored and annoyed me, having to hear things from their point of view. Plus it was very obvious early on exactly how things were going to play out.
Sharon McCone is paralized in this story and that's a first for any of the McCone series books. It's almost a shock because you know her so well and ask yourself how can she live the rest of her life this way. Not be able to talk, breathe on her own, confined to a bed with Hy at her side. Read Read Read. She is paralized, but not in her brain and the team supports her and Hy loves her beyonds words. What a curious twist for a story. I loved it. Enjoy.
This was very interesting, the author gives a good account of how devestating this condition would be, very insightful. I'm a fan of McCone and this shows her in a very different light, I enjoyed it and am looking forward to her recovery!!!

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Publisher: Thorndike Pr; Large Print edition (October 27, 2009)

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Locked in (Thorndike Press Large Print Mystery Series)
Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Author: Marcia Muller
Title: Locked in (Thorndike Press Large Print Mystery Series)