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The Sittaford Mystery by Agatha Christie

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The seller lists this item under an Agatha Christie collection that shows more than fifty (50) books as part of this order. Without sufficient clarification, the seller only offers twelve books, so beware and read the listing closely. Many buyers have fallen prey to this listing oversight. "Caveat emptor." LOOK TO ANOTHER SELLER that adheres to the product listing.
Got just 12 books while the main description says otherwise. Turtlecreek is not a vendor I recommend. I didn't even get to choose my books.
The Sittaford Mystery by Dame Agatha Christie (1890-1976) was published in London in 1931. It is one of those Christie novels without the services of Miss Marple or Detective Hercule Poirot on duty to solve mystery.
The Plot:" Mrs Willett a recent émigré to England from her home in South Africa holds a party at Sittaford House. Present are her daughter Violet and four guests. A séance is held and a turning table spells out a spooky message reading, ';Trevelyan Dead-Murder.": Major Burnaby an acquaintance of Captain Trevelyan calls the police and the doctor. They arrive at the Trevelyan estate called Hazelmoor. There they find the dead Trevelyan. The retired murder victim has been bludgeoned to death with a sandbag used to keep out winter drafts. All of this occurs during a terrific snowstorm that has shut down travel in the gloomy Dartmoor region of Great Britain. The police arrest Jim Pearson the nephew of the murder victim. Jim';s fiancée is beautiful and brainy Emily Trefusis. Emily along with newspaper reporter Charles Enderby put on their thinking caps to solve the mystery.
Emily is a fascinating woman reminding this reader of an older version of America s Nancy Drew. The plot is complex with many characters and there pasts to sort out in typical Christie fashion. However, the explanation of the murder is simple and easily understood. This is one of the lesser known Christie novels but I found it to be a page turner. An excellent introduction to the delights of Agatha Christie!
Seeing Agatha Christie's portrait on my Kindle, I decided to give her a try - I had only read a couple of her books in my life, when I was a teen. She certainly kept me guessing, and I felt the book stood the test of time despite outdated words and phrases like "Hark!" and "the gay life in London." The book had some fun self-irony ("Like in books there ought to be some little incident that I should remember that would be a clue," said one of the characters). Another line reminded me of Dr. House from tv: "Everybody tells lies one way or another, and Mrs. Willett is perfectly entitled to do the same as everybody else."
Clever plot, no doubt, but no reality to Miss Christie's protagonists, they don't come to life as do Miss Marple and Hercules Poirot. I initially liked the setting, the weather, the isolation, the cosiness, I guess, but it was not developed. Subsequent scenes felt formulaic. All in all a disappointment. I like to immerse myself in a story, I couldn't do so in this case. In future I will just reread the Poirot and Marple stories.
Agatha Christie's 1954 stand-alone novel "Destination Unknown (Mr. Jessop series Book 1)" is a spy thriller instead of a detective mystery. It's a well done book that focuses on aspects of the Cold War (with a bit of a twist). Outside a the occasional paragraph of un-translated French that authors of Christie's era like to dump on us, the only thing that bothered me was that the ending was just a tad weak. Besides my desire that Christie would have followed the protagonist just a bit further after the end, the fact that she basically ignored a protagonist/antagonist conversation that she could have used irked a bit. Still, all-in-all, I'm rating it at a Very Good 4 stars out of 5.

Note: AFAIK, this is the only book that Jessop appears in. So, I have no idea why Amazon lists the book as Book 1 in the Mr. Jessop series.
One of the better Christie stand-alones (my personal favorite, so far, is "Crooked House"). Good spy story. I honestly don't know if this was ever made into a movie; it should be. Cold-War era, good characters, exotic locales. Dame Agatha's bread-and-butter were her series characters, but she shows greater range in her non-series novels. Very worthwhile.
This collection has been released before and always enjoyed it. The reason I purchased a new edition was because I was hoping for two things. On the plus side, I am grateful for a larger and easier opening book. My old copy was very compact and falling to bits. On the negative side, I was hoping this edition might have been updated to include her plays which Christie never got round to novelizing but were eventually by another author ("Black Coffee", "Spider's Web, and "The Unexpected Guest"). I would like to read the original plays someday, but at least this book will suffice in the meantime

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The Sittaford Mystery
Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Author: Agatha Christie
Title: The Sittaford Mystery